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Friday, March 18, 2011

Blue Berets are OFFICIAL!

Hey guys, just a quick little note about an issue I've noticed cropping up.  The nifty little button you see on my header (not the ones made by KI, but the Bloggers' Club Member one) is cropping up in places other than sites that I have approved for inclusion in the club.  Any website not linked to on my Bloggers' Club HQ page is NOT affiliated with us in any way shape or form.  Please disregard anyone claiming to be a member who is not.  Now on to the meat-and-potatoes (or should I say macaroni-and-cheese since I can't have meat today??) of this post!

The Blue Berets (hashtag #BlueBerets on Twitter) are fully formed now!  WOOT!  We've got our four players for a full team and we have even attracted a team mascot (wearing the uniform sans symbols).  Ok, who wants a picture?  Methinks yes.

From Left to Right: Back Row: Maria Moonblossom (Life), Jasmine Smith (Mascot), Cassandra Hexthorn (Fire).
Front Row: Matthew Deathcaster (Death), John Lifeglen (Balance).
So that's the team.  We've played two practice matches thus far.  We lost the first (going second) and won the second (going second) so it's going to be an interesting ride.  Conflicting schedules mean we don't get to work on improving as often as we would like.  

It surprises me that my best friend EVER Cassandra Hexthorn is now enjoying PvP to a degree.  After our old 2v2 experiences (that she has conveniently repressed memories of...) I was certain she'd never step into the ring again.  How happily surprised was I?  Super!

And now I need to get changed and head to work.  Have fun!

Your [Stoked] Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

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