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Monday, February 20, 2012

Give That Girl some Megas

Heather Raven, I commend thee.  The contest from the previous post is now closed. Heather wins the Megas!

Here's her answer:

It seems that 'NX' stands for Naval Experiment. River Song is of course the character from Doctor Who. 4022 were saved at the LIBRARY (hence the "L"), in the Who episode "Silence in the Library". So from that information we can gather that the significance of this picture is the fact that you are obsessed with Doctor Who and the character River Song in particular, even when you are playing a Star Trek game. :P

That answer is 100% correct. River has an interesting storyline. To be honest, I already had a ship named the Gallifreyan (I forget the number off hand, but the letter was D). Naming ships is tough...especially when you get a new one for free every 10 levels. I lack creativity apparently because I couldn't come up with more names! (Of note to those Who fans out there, someone had the USS Stormageddon. I laughed until my sides hurt. #winning.)

She's convinced I'm trying to get her into STO. Well, I'd like more people to try it and play it. It's not a huge deal though. I just wanted to get more people Who-savvy than anything. Hehe.

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

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