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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fieldtrip to Hogsmeade: Part Two

At the request of a fan of my blog, I am introducing a second segment to my previous post.  Apparently the store fronts were of interest and I failed to post them!  So here is another picture post :D.  I hope you don't Humongrofrog on the way there as we will be apparating.  One, Two, Three, TURN.


And here we are!  Welcome back to Hogsmeade!

Please respect the spell limits!

Should we drop in on the Three Broomsticks to grab a bite to eat? Maybe some Butterbeer?

Who needs an Olivander's Wand? Just don't get mine!!!

Not a storefront, but in a store window.  A Quaffle and Bludger in a case.  The other Bludger was moving around too much for me to photograph! And the Snitch was fluttering in the background.

Pranks from Zonko's!

Honeydukes Sweet Shop!  This was a simply amazing store :D

A random shop that wasn't accessible, but the windows advertised exotic plants.

And don't worry, I won't make you apparate back to Ravenwood, let's hope a ride on the Scarlet Steam Engine!  See ya back in the spiral!

If there is still something you are missing and wish to see, just comment away or talk to me in the spiral.  I'll search through my pictures and see if I can do something for ya!

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

1 comment:

  1. Awesome field trip! And you definitely know your HP! Glad you're back with us