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Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's Been A While

Wow, I've been out of the Spiral and out of the blogosphere for quite some time!  Things have been hectic here, and I don't expect them to slow down any more for quite some time.  Let's dive in to the feature for today.

When I say "dive" I mean CELESTIA.  And while CL (I told ya so...NOT CS) isn't actually on the Test Realm (again, I told ya know who you are) some, or possibly all of the prequest chain to get to the magical underwater world is ready and waiting!  These quests take you all over the spiral and eventually lead you to the "new Briskbreeze" as some people are putting it.  The Warehouse is the newest addition to Marleybone, and it is located in Regent's Square!  It certainly is no walk in the park, and could very well be harder than Briskbreeze unless...Let's just say some very good friends of mine and I completed this terrible tower of doom without too many problems.  All it takes is some strategy and some brain power, along with some keen observations!  I wish you all luck with that in the future.

Along with this update we get a new set of quests with Snorri Oysterbloom from Grizzleheim.  His quests all take place in the Savarstaad Pass area, and for those of you not familiar with GH, that is the area that players first enter.  WOOHOO for more XP for new players!!!

Crafting has also come to GH, and with it comes a couple of awesome new houses.  Never fear, Master Artisans, for the crafting is simply extra furniture (mainly of the kitchen persuasion *MUST. GET. IT. ALL.*) and an awesome Watchtower Hall castle.  Yep, you heard me right.  A house that you must CRAFT.  And the recipe is no walk in the park either.  This baby forces you to craft the reagents yourselves.  And I don't mean Transmute Bloodmoss people.  You have to craft furniture to use as reagents.  Here's the recipe for those of you daring enough to undertake this colossal achievement.

For those of you who are frightened by crafting of this high level, but still want a GH house, do not fret.  A new GH house, the Dragon's Fjord, has come to the crown shop!  It has the same storage capabilities as the school housing at a whopping 250 items both inside and out!  And for storage to match a school house, a price as well.  This baby will cost you 10,000 Crowns or 100,000 Gold.  It's up to you. 

When buying housing, please remember this: There is a cap on housing, each wizard is only allowed to own 3 castles + their original dorm room.  Also, you can no longer sell houses with items inside, you must clean them out before you sell. 

Also on the Test Realm this go around, Croaky in Air Dales has a new friend!  This friend sells PETS :D  Yes good people you heard me, PETS.  2 of the pets from my confirmed but unlocatable list have been removed, and a 3rd, very unexpected pet has come with them.  The Brass Golem, Wood Golem, and Cat Thug.  Brass Golem looks like Clockwork Golem pet, but looks slightly shinier and more sinister I think.  Wood Golem looks exactly like the first floor of Golem Tower.  Cat Thug looks just like the Blue Cat Thug pet from Grubb, only it does not have a card with it.

My next video installment will probably be coming soon, and it will be my pet sanctuary.  I will be uploading it next (though not intended to be next initially) because I plan to relocate the sanctuary to Watchtower Hall as soon as I manage wish me luck!

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

PS. Check out my farming list for some new additions!
PSS. Don't forget about the party tomorrow,  /\LOOK UP/\

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  1. That's awesome! That baby is expensive no Blood Moss or Pearls!