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Monday, August 23, 2010

Etiquette 101

Hello, fellow wizards of the spiral! I wanted to take this time to tell you all that I arrived at school, managed to move in, and I am doing great.  Classes start tomorrow and I write this post for a couple of reasons.  The first is to tell you that I'm here still, and no official hiatus is in order yet.  That is yet to be determined, though many fine bloggers out there are taking some minor breaks. :( 

The second thing I'd like to talk about it what the /\ Title /\ suggests.  I wanted to approach this in a fun and fresh manner, and after your responses to my fanfic rant, I have decided that fanfic will be my new medium for communicating points.  Here we go!


After cancelling my subscription to the Wizard101 Press, I headed to the library to get my fill of information from Harold Argleston.  Upon arriving at the library, I dismounted Mufasa, tied him to the large, stone column, and headed inside.  The warm glow of magical lighting and the smell of musty old books filled the air, and I felt at home.  Embarking on the journey down the seemingly-endless hallway, I stumbled upon a book that caught my eye.  This particular volume was titled "Etiquette for Student Wizards".  Thumbing through the volume, I stopped on a page about writing for any publication, especially one for the Spiral Wide Web.  It said:

On Personal Details, and Inter-student Communications

Young wizards should not post any personal details for their own protection, nor should they share contact information about any other wizards.  This is how students get into sticky situations and find themselves trapped.  Also, students should not publicize any issues with other students, especially not on Spiral Networking Sites such as Wandbook, MyDorm, or Owler.  Student issues should remain anonymous so as not to spoil anyone else's opinion based on one negative experience, and posting names of questionable students in the Spell-tags of a post is a most grievous offense.  All students reading Spiral Wide Web publications are reminded that it is solely the opinion of one student, and not that of everyone.  When in doubt, contact the student you have problems with directly, and through private channels.  When sharing information, remember to get permission to share personal contact information from the party in question.  Again, when in doubt, post a direct Wandlink rather than an Owling address. It is the opinion of...

And the text continued on.  Now armed with the information I was seeking about creating and maintaining a Wandsite to be respected, and how to deal with and resolve problems in a private manner, I checked out the volume with Harold Argleston and headed back out to my Lion.  Mufasa greeted me happily, using his coarse tongue on my cheek to let me know I was missed, more like a dog than a large cat.  I jumped lithely onto the back of my friend and cast my spell to go home.


Thanks for stopping by! More fun posts planned for the near future...unless class work gets too hectic :/

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

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  1. Nicely put & beautifully written :)

    Good luck with all your classes!