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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Stayin' Alive

Hey gang! John here again with a few more updates.

First off, sorry about the extended absence; homework, work, and free time (+SLEEP) don't come easily in college.  This being said, I haven't yet worked on Celestia. 

Main purpose of this post: I have added a Ravenwood Radio countdown as a minor contribution to the community since I cannot be around to give tips or help people myself.  It is located in the right column at the top, along with the Bloggers' Club party one. (We have something in the works right now coming soon...sort of. Give it some time!!)

So, that being said, the black countdown leads to Ravenwood Radio.  Feel free to use the "Get Widget" button and repost it, I will be keeping it updated as best I can and much like Hermione's Magic Galleons or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's tattoos, my master countdown will update everyone else's! (In theory...still working out the kinks.)

And now I'm off to math.

Your [Incredibly Overworked] Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

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