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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dating in Wizard101

Before the fanfic begins (as that's how I address ALL of the issues I find in game) I want to take a moment to commend Autumn Duskhunter and Kestrel Shadowthistle (Comments in THIS post and the body of THIS post.) for inspiring me to write a portion of this in verse.

Dating in Wizard101 is causing mayhem in game.  It's getting a bit better since filtered chat has had the use of capital letters removed.  And here we go.


Upon waking the following morning and realizing my friend was gone already, I made my way for the door.  As I was about to ascend the spiral stairs leading to the surface, I heard the distinct sound of a knock on my World Gate.  I headed out into the bright desert surface above and answered my door.  A pair of wizards were holding hands, giggling and smiling at me and asked if I had a double room.  Repulsed, I responded that this is a game, not reality.  When they continued to ignore me and giggle I opened up into rhyme.

This spiral is a wonderful place,
To come and play at your own pace.
Begin, though, to date,
And soon you will hate,
Logging in without seeing their face.

Dating online can be bad, 
It doesn't make you look rad.
Even though it's not fair,
You'll end pulling your hair.
Because Reports will likely be had.

Get out of my house you fools,
This hotel surely has rules.
The boys cannot stay,
With a girl anyway,
Now get back to Ravenwood School.

There's a reason you live in the dorms,
Boys and girls in separate form.
Now get on to class,
Or start cutting my grass,
Before the oncoming storm.

Something I said must've sunk in on some level, at least, because they dropped hands and turned on the spot, teleporting back to Wizard City as I had directed them.  

I ran back downstairs, grabbed my shiny Lifeforce Blade, and made my way to the spiral door for myself; stopping only briefly to untie Pierre the lobster and take him with me.


So as the limericks stated, dating in game is bad.  A lot of players report others [falsely] for dating.  The "I need a boy" or "I need a girl" comments in the commons are getting very out of hand.  Kevin Battleblood tweeted the following phrase that he saw in the commons on day: "Are? You? Cheating? On? Me????".  This has got to stop.

And there you have it.  Another in-game advice article courtesy ala John.  I'll be moving a copy of this to the fanfic tab immediately so that you may read it in full!

In other news, Eggbert is back in the Spiral and he brought Pet Eggs with him!  These first generation beauties all seem to be getting Snowborn rather early.  For those of you who don't know, Snowborn is a talent that places one Blizzard card into your deck *Thank you to Sorceress Miklai for the catch!*

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen


  1. Love the little rhyme and dating story, John :)

    One thing, though, is that Snowborn is a card the wizard has to cast that does blizzard. There is rumored to be a Snow 'N' Tell which is the May Cast talent of a pet using the blizzard spell. So far it's not shown up.


  2. Very good limericks.

    I liked this a lot :)

  3. That was a fantastic story and awesome rhyme! I totally agree leave that astuff irl for pete's sake!

    Hope people can make changes and stop being clowns.

    - M.W.S

  4. Very nice limerick! The "cheating" comment cracked me up, how can you "cheat" on someone in a GAME? But its still very annoying. Feel compelled to stop in my tracks and teach them a lesson, I might just make a limerick like yours!