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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hall Monitors

Two posts in two days? I promise, I'm not sick. Hope all is going well for everyone. I'm here today to discuss the Hall Monitors that will be appearing in-game as of tomorrow morning.

From the Patch Notes:

Something we take very seriously at KingsIsle is making sure that the Spiral is a fun and appropriate place for Players of all ages.  We are expanding our current reporting tools for a select group of players who have earned the privilege of being a “Hall Monitor”. This group of players will operate anonymously and anyone claiming to be a Hall Monitor is certainly not one at all. 

These Hall Monitors, who are selected by invitation only, will have the ability to take direct action when they see behavior that violates our Terms of Use. This action includes warning and muting players who circumvent our chat filters. These sanctions will be reviewed by our senior Wizards to ensure the correct action was taken, and may escalate sanctions as necessary. 

Hall Monitors are not to be confused with other player run reporting groups and while we appreciate their initiative, we'll take it from here. We will continue to be diligent to keep the Spiral a clean and safe place for all our young Wizards.

Let's hope that those selected are truly deserving and won't abuse power (and should they be discovered to be abusing the power, that they have action taken against them directly by KingsIsle).

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen


  1. This will certainly be a topic of lively conversation on tonight's Ravenwood Radio!