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Monday, August 1, 2011

Staffs, Headers, and News. Oh My!

Hey hey Wizard fans!  Exciting news from yours truly! John *finally* managed to snag that Staff of the Querent for me so I can have a fancy schmancy sparkly blue and purple staff to match my duds! Wasn't that nice of him? I know I rag on him all the time but once in a while he'll do something unexpected LOL!

So since I have a staff, now I get to be in the header! Look up everyone (no, I'm not going the ridiculous arrow things that John thinks look so good. Bah. You all are perfectly capable without street signs). Yeahhhhh. Special thanks to Kestrel for putting together the background, and then John added the text and stuff. It looks spectacular if you ask me!

Today also marks August 1, which means that the KIFreeGames rewards have changed. Check out the Ravenwood Bulletin for specifics on that. No more temporary mounts or transformations, though. Woooo!

And that's about it for me! You might want to note, though, that the Bulletin mentions new content for level 25+ wizards and a new tower challenge tougher than the likes of the WaterWorks (can't be THAT hard, John even managed full gear. If he can do it, I can too. With my brain tied behind my back!).

Keep it frosty,
Noah Mythglen

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