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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Level Skews

Chatting with a friend tonight, I realized a few things. The primary item we discussed was something that I'm going to call "level skew", or how far off from the main story someone actually is at different parts of the game. Before Grizzleheim (GH), everyone was usually in about the right area (though sometimes one ahead or behind, depending, but always close) to obtain their next spell as it happened. And then came the advent of side worlds.

I haven't played a new character through anything yet, but I can tell you that the experience from Wysteria (WS) and GH will mess up spell obtainment in Marleybone (MB). Once you get messed up, it stays pretty messed up the rest of the way. GH wasn't a huge problem on its own, because the areas unlocked gradually as you leveled. What about WS, though??  Adding in a level 35 spell obtained in GH has also caused a weird order to doing things. Do you play through GH first to try and get that spell, or stick to the main line, grab your level 28, and then continue to 35? If you play to the level 35 spell, doesn't that put you WAY behind on getting your level 38 (and then 48, 58, and 68 due to the delay)?

I adore the side worlds mostly and the feeling that your problems aren't the only ones in the Spiral. Side worlds allow more depth into the universe to show parallel stories and to see how interactions on one world are not felt elsewhere until a direct influence (Malistaire or Morganthe) happens to start causing problems.

Those of you who have played through with the new content, how does it off-set the spell quest time periods? From the time you become eligible and obtain the quest ("dinging" a certain level), how many additional levels does it take you to actually get to the area (not by teleporting, but by legitimately earning your way there) required to obtain the spell and complete the quest? I have quite a few toons sitting on the back burner that I'll be experimenting with, but I'm curious to hear about some other experiences.

Just some food for thought.

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

1 comment:

  1. This is the same with crowns playing. You run out of crowns, so you end up just farming bosses and getting lots of experience. Especially when you don't get crowns very often.

    An example is like how I reached level 48, but had to keep on going through a bunch of DS just to reach the Labyrinth and finish the quest. In order to kind of catch up I've had to start skipping side quests so that I can finish the areas. :\

    Thanks for the post! Really good thought. :D

    - Morgrim Trollfriend
    The Magus Conjurer