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Monday, January 23, 2012

Set Phasers to Fun!

At the following Stardate -310946.3158077817, Ensign Jovan Barim Maxis appeared on the radar at Starfleet Command as an excellent officer. Full blood Betazoid, he was one of few survivors on the U.S.S. Entourage after an attack. As ranking officer, he assumed control of the Entourage and began his Starfleet career, quickly ascending through the rank of Lieutenant to Lieutenant Commander and receiving another ship of his very own.  This is where we meet Jovan now...

If the intro above didn't give it away, I've been playing Star Trek Online lately. It went full Free-to-Play on January 17th of this year and I've just been eating it up. I currently have 2 Andorians, a Borg, a Vulcan, a Klingon, and a Trill serving on my bridge as my primary bridge officers and my away crew.

All I can say is that it's an awesome game and I've been having a great time. I'm about to dive back in there to get pictures to edit this post with.

Don't worry, the Headaches from the Holidays are still very much happening. With classes under way again, though, it's harder to coordinate time. We're working on it and can't wait to take ranked PvP by storm soon!

My bridge and crew of the USS Crunchberry. I'm in the Captain's Chair, my officers from left to right are Neeba (Female Trill Science Officer),  Kurnin (Male Klingon Tactical Officer), Giz'pym (Male Andorian Engineering Officer), Thryss (Andorian Female to the far back of the picture, also my 2nd in command), Seven of Seven (Female Borg Engineering Officer) and Hadik (Male Vulcan Science Officer). Pictures of everyone close-up coming soon, hopefully. Probably in a 2nd post. 

Your Friend Always,
Commander Maxis...err...John Lifeglen

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