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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Updates with John

Hey everyone! Just a brief update on the life and times of John Lifeglen (me, for those readers that have just stumbled into my tiny corner of the interwebz). Classes have resumed. They're not horrible...except that they're early in the morning. Tip for future college students: Unless you're a morning person, avoid 8 (and probably 9) AM classes like plague.

Yeah yeah yeah, new hoard pack came out. I am displeased. I'm sick of wasting my breath talking about it over and over and over again though. And so soon after commending them for NOT having a hoard with Christmas...

In other (not-exactly-John-related-but-still-sort-of-maybe-relevant) news The Friendly Necromancer and Bailey Skystaff are doing a podcast. I don't need to tell you all how awesome it is; I mean it's TEAM FRIENDLY. And linkey. Go. Listen. NAO.

If you do you'll know exactly what these pictures mean!

New stuffs will be made shortly (meaning whenever I don't have class, am motivated to do it, and have a creative spark all at the same time...).

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

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