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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stunned and Pleased

We made it through the entire Christmas season without seeing a single new "pack". I must say that I'm incredibly shocked (and thrilled). After the Nightmare Pack I was anticipating new lottery items to begin rolling in with each holiday. Maybe KingsIsle has been taking our feedback and realizes that we don't really want more packs to gamble on.

If there had been a new pack released, I might have been OK with it. Before you start yelling, "But John! You hate the packs with a passion and said you wouldn't buy a single one again," let me elaborate. I wouldn't have purchased the pack. If it had been a pack containing all of the gold items from this Christmas along with the Snowball, Arctic Ninja Pig, and a couple of Candy Canes, I would have been A-OK with it. Everything I just listed was already available outside of a pack. That's all I ask in the future: that items from packs be made available to those of us who don't wish to gamble. If you want to take your chances and possibly spend fewer crowns (good luck on that), fine. Just give me an alternative.

A lack of the pack is nice too. I thoroughly enjoyed having the same opportunity as everyone else to purchase specific items.

Kudos to KingsIsle for not creating another holiday pack.

Your [Pleased-as-holiday-punch] Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

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