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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Badge Extravaganza

Welcome, Wizard fans.  Not much going on right now except for a couple brief announcements.  First off, Kestrel made a "Clean Tweeter" badge for those who tweet cleanly in the family friendly world of Wizard101.  Details available at the "Kestrel" link.

Secondly, I got bored after finishing the Wintertusk content and running the Waterworks a few billion times, so I opened my badge binder to see what I could do there.  I wound up going on a whirlwind adventure with one Maria Moonblossom on a quest to kill off the Ravens of the Coven once and for all, and then stomp a few bears, to boot.  I can now proudly say that I've earned all of the "Kill X Mob" badges once more.  Ravens start at Bird Watcher(50), continue to Bird Beguiler(100), and finally Bird is the Word(200). Bears follow the same numerical pattern but go from Bear Bouncer to Bear Blaster to Unbearable.  Bird Beguiler was earned by us both on Maintenance night and the following day we unlocked the rest.  Maria's still 20-odd bears from Unbearable, so we'll be getting that soon.  She was ready to quit by the time we got all of those pesky birds thwarted!

And that's about it in terms of game updates.  Except that we have our Ravenwood Ball costumes and can't wait to show them off.  And check Diary of a Wizard for more details on this year's Ball tomorrow!

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