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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Bought a Pack...Say Wha?

Yep, folks. You read the title right. I bought some of the new Emperor's Attic packs and I liked it.

But John! You're so vehemently anti-pack!!! What are you thinking?!

Thank you, random internet personality, for voicing that for me. This is the first pack I've actually enjoyed. Why, you ask? It's all furniture (save for some seeds. Which are still sort of pseudo-housing). There are no junky reagents, treasure cards, gear that's no better than what I'm wearing, or over-hyped mounts and pets anywhere in it. Instead, we got over 60 NEW housing items, 8 of which are interactive. The Tag Game is in it, and while I didn't get it there I did win one from Paige Moonshade. Tag is AWESOME! If you don't want to test your luck with the packs, it will be craftable when Avalon hits the live realms.

That's really all I posted to say. This Hoard has my blessing. It's not stuffed full of all old junk that nobody wants or needs, it's not all filler. There are minimal old items in it (such as the Shrines from MooShu) and I can honestly say that I got at least 2 new items per pack every time, usually more.

Oh, and I'm going to open up my Sun Palace tomorrow night for a game of Tag. Possibly multiple games of tag. My Sun Palace is actually going to be a Headquarters for the Council of Light. It's decorated for the most part currently, complete with Aurum and Argentum guarding the gates (+5 points to the first person to comment the literal inspiration for their names, and +10 points to the first person to tell me which book series the names are actually pulled from). The house won't be completely complete until we can mount wands on our walls, but it's coming! I'm so excited and ready for it. Big plans!

So...Tag tomorrow (well, tonight). 4/24/2012. Let's meet in the Myth School Tower, Lincoln Area 1 at 5:15 PM CST. Teleport Bus will be a baby John Lifeglen (Do NOT report for impersonations, please!!!). We'll arrive at Headquarters at 5:30 to begin the game!!! Baby Lifeglen will be wearing a Plain Pumpkin Mask with Black and Orange Guardian Robes and Boots and wielding an Ascendant Staff. Hopefully he'll stand out enough to catch your attention!

Hope to see you then!

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

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