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Monday, April 16, 2012

Sword of Kings Comparison Data

I was poking around Wizard101 Central this morning after a Business Law exam and did some research on the new Sword of Kings. Apparently it's a level 70 sword with some rather impressive stats...for certain schools. Balance is getting the short end of the proverbial stick once more, it seems. All of the wands give the +1 Power Pip at the start of a match, OK. All of them give some degree of Critical Rating. OK there, too. What kills me, though, is that Life and Balance are so grossly outmatched when it comes to the rest of the stats. I'll let this handy dandy table I put together speak for itself.

*Fire should be +32 Block Rating, not +35. I apologize for the typo!

That should be pretty easy to read. I arranged the columns in Critical-Ascending order. In theory, the Block row should descend and match up perfectly. Hmm...Nope. Something's broken here. 

Notice anything about the Life column? Oh, it's missing a little thing called Critical Block? Oops...

These swords also give something like +4 copies of a wand strike for 130 damage in the appropriate school and +1 trap card for +10% damage. All of them have that (though I haven't seen pictures of the Balance sword, only the stats, so it could very easily be getting short-changed there, too.). 

A simple switcheroo like this would make the chart look much prettier. Increase Balance's critical rating by 1, then move Death's block to Myth and shift Myth and Balance Block both one to the right. Ascending/Descending works again! Wasn't that easy?

I'm not one to complain without looking at the facts, and these facts point to Balance and Life getting seriously shorted here. 

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

Edit: I posted my concerns on Wizard101 Central's Test Realm Forum (since I'm a crown player and can't post on the official forums). 

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  1. My BEST guess as to why KI decided to not give Life any Block is because they were probably considering the chance that a Life might craft the level 76 gear (including the athame and ring), which gives a lot of Block in total. And they probably thought that the +25% outgoing heal would be helpful for a Life if they crafted their gear, which gives a crazy amount of Critical regardless of your school (my Myth currently has 219 Critical and I don't even have my Sword of Kings yet!). So, even if a Life has a lower amount of Block against other schools, combine the 25% heal increase with a Vengeance, Mend and/or boosted Life Critical and it probably wouldn't matter so much.

    As for Death's stats: I can see why its SoK stats are higher than Myth's, it because if a Death were to crafted the level 76 gear, its damage and Critical boost would be LESS than Myth so I guess the SoK is like that to give them a little "boost", so to speak, in the Critical department. And Death's Block is slightly higher because its slightly weaker than Myth.

    Lastly Balance: once again, I think KI had the AV crafted gear in mind when they came up with the stats. Balance's Critical is the same as Myth's (remember I said my Myth has all crafted gear on and has 219 Critical) and its Block is only 4 points lower, and if a Balance were to craft his/her gear, then you should have AT LEAST 190 Critical if my calculations aren't off. Considering all that, I don't think Balance got shortchanged at all (and Life didn't make it out too, too badly either imo).