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Monday, May 28, 2012

Cap'n Autumn's At It Again!

First, go read THIS.  Then, consider those as rules to blog by.  These are both important steps before we dive into things here.

These guidelines are an important piece of how to blog well. Specifically the one about keeping private disputes private. Nothing turns blog readers away faster than seeing rant posts at another person. If you need to rant about how [BossX] refuses to drop [HatY] for [Z] amount of time, go for it! Those are often the most colorful (and sometimes helpful!) posts for readers, because if they're having issues they know they aren't alone. If you need to sort out personal matters with someone, though, and it's not a friendly war going on (Friendly and Autumn, anyone?) you need to find their blog and track down contact information (not post rude comments on their posts).

Speaking of comments, it's often a good idea to keep your comments set to moderated. This way if any trolls decide to start posting, you can protect your readership. Having comments set to moderated also helps if you're running a contest where they submit entries via comment.

That's all I've got for today.  Sorry the posts are short, sweet, and so few and far between. There's just not a lot I talk about until things get rolling. Stick with me, because once this game takes off I'll be all kinds of all over it.

[John Lifeglen?]

--Originally posted at Through the Eyes of a Privateer pre-merge--

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