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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Themes are Fun!

New header, new siggy on any forum I use, new avatar EVERYWHERE. Heck, even my Facebook and Google+ got makeovers. When I talked about "Branding Yourself" a few posts back, I meant it. Here you can see just how far that goes. This current set is for level 80. I don't *plan* to change anything again until about level 90...but plans can change. Also, if any of you can figure out what the theme is with this one you'll get +250 Awesome Points with me. To give you a hit, I'll show you my siggy.

That's in extra-large mode to make it easier on everyone. Even the font is directly related to the theme (note the broken "O"s). 

In other news, fans of Code Lyoko will be interested to know that I located a simulation game where you get to be Jeremie!  That's right, friends. You get to virtualize Aelita and the gang to stop XANA and save the world. Once you figure THIS out it goes super smoothly and it a lot of fun. And rumor has it XANA might be coming back...

>What in the name of sanity is that thing?

>It's a tangram. I solve tangrams now. Tangrams are cool. 

Weird. Hopefully nothing is going wonky with Blogger....I wonder if that's XANA back at work or something of a different nature. 

Your [Thematic] Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

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