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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Reserve Roster

It's no secret that I enjoy PvP with the right group of people. The Headaches from the Holidays are fantastic, and the comedy combination of Bailey Skystaff, Heather Raven, Maria Moonblossom and I is stellar. Win or lose, we keep having a good time. It has come to my attention that not enough people actually enjoy PvP anymore because of the gaps between school power levels and resistances (and Ice is on a big way). Some of the super-teams are just too super. Ranked isn't being played nearly as much. The Headaches' goal has never been to "win", I mean, we rarely even play ranked. We just want to have a good time with our friends.  And did I mention that we wear goofy costumes?! 

One of my friends offered to stand in for us if we ever needed a 4th person while someone was away. Another great friend mentioned wishing a 2nd team existed with our attitude. And that sparked the idea. Why not have a reserve roster of 4 people to stand in if someone was unavailable. Basically a team of 8 players who could all interchange roles. We could play anywhere from 2v2-4v4 with a HUGE array of teams. And since the goal is to have fun instead of just winning, changing characters wouldn't be a huge issue. This "Reserve Roster" if you will will be, in essence, its own complete team with a separate identity from our own. We would simply be "allied teams" and willing to play together on a whim or whenever any combination of the 4 of us are around. 

3 of the spots are taken up now, with only one remaining. There's no restriction on school (and if you have multiple wizards, that's cool too!). The only requirement is a good attitude and a willingness to make a holiday-related costume. Only one of each holiday can be represented, so Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and Halloween are already finished. Some suggestions include St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day, The 4th of July (because we exist on the US server), and Earth Day. I'm open to further suggestions. Let me know via comment, email, or twitter if you're interested in filling the final spot! We'll start rallying those troops together once we get the 4th team member. 

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

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