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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

NDA is No Joking Matter

Until we get to some Pirate101 content, this blog will be a journal of thoughts on related topics. Last night, someone divulged information. Just a couple of small details, yes, nothing ground-or-game-breaking, but information nonetheless. Anyone who has ever been involved in Alpha or many Closed Betas can tell you that NDA is not a joking matter. It's a legally binding contract and can have some serious repercussions.

Now, nobody involved in the Alpha for Pirate101 confirmed the information (nor could they, NDA again), so it could just be someone trying to sound important with no actual knowledge of the game. If they are involved in testing right now, they may not be for long if KingsIsle discovers what is going on.

My advice to any gamer who gets involved in a game during Alpha or Beta (if it's not open, at the very least) is to bite your tongue, shake your head no at everything saying "I can't tell you that, I'm under NDA", and hide under a rock until NDA is lifted if you think spoilers are going to be a problem. 

Not all games have an NDA, though. Games like The Missing Ink have been sharing updates for some time now and are in Open Alpha. Everyone is allowed to talk about it if they want to. Accounts can be created by virtually anyone. You'll know if there's NDA, as it is pushed a bit harder than the TOS. 

Have a great Tuesday, I'm off to work and finals. 
[John Lifeglen?]

--Originally from Through the Eyes of a Privateer, pre-merge--

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