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Monday, February 21, 2011

Duel Courtesy (Another Lesson Via Fanfic!)

Hello sports fans and welcome to another exciting...whoops...wrong intro. 

Greetings, Wizards of the Spiral!, and welcome to Through the Eyes of a Sorcerer!  If this is your first visit, feel free to look around and thanks for coming in, if you're a returning guest...WHY? Just kidding ;) After my last piece of fictional writing based around teleportation which can be found either HERE as a single or HERE as a piece of my serialized work (clicky or clicky by the way...) I received a comment suggesting a couple of topics to carry on with.  I see today as a wonderful time to continue with my story of inter-personal communications and relations in the spiral and beyond.  Today's topic, as you might have concluded from the title, involves battle courtesy (and I'm not talking PvP here, that's a segment for another time!).  Let's begin, shall we?


Since my friend and I had enjoyed such a lengthy conversation regarding asking before teleporting, I was wide awake again regardless of the lack of rest.  I invited my friend to come with me into the Grotto to wail on a few sharks in an attempt to snag my Shark Jumper badge.  Only being a few sharks away (3 to be exact) I headed off and he followed, so now only one battle would be necessary.  Because he was life and I am balance, I asked ever so politely if he would mind healing me and I would perform the beat down. 

He happily agreed and we approached the first mammoth sized shark we could see (Due to the underwater nature of the Grotto I summoned my shark Bruce to my aid rather than seeing Mufasa in pain) and summoned a battle circle so that we may channel our powers properly.  I had equipped my short deck since it was meant to be a quick fight and my friend had on a deck designed specifically for healing purposes.  Everything was going great, Mister Zeus at my side giving me accuracy meant a lower chance of fizzling so I was confident in my ability to finish it quickly. 

Little did I know, we had someone behind us.  He jumped into the fight just as I summoned Ra to finish the job; my last attack spell even.  Upon joining our circle, a fourth shark joined into our battle.  No sweat, right?  I gave the person who joined the chance to kill as I was out of cards save for a couple of hits from my Spyglass. 

"Excuse me, but would you mind asking before you join a fight next time? We were just finishing up and I'm out of cards." I said, as politely as I could. 

He replied, "Nah, I do what I want to when I want to.  Just like this!" *Flee*

The conjurer had fled the match leaving me with only two puny hits and a theurgist who was set to heal rather than battle.  Our only choice, in that situation, was to flee after him.  We ended up fighting a second battle after the forced flee to get my badge.  Later, in thanks for his help regardless of the minor hiccup in the fight earlier, I invited my friend to stay the night in the room of his choice at Lifeglen Hotel and I stayed in the Kimono Club Suite, too tired to trek all the way back home.  After fleeing, my magic was barely enough to get me to the Hotel, getting back to the Manor would have been incredibly difficult.  Out of potions and low on mana thanks to the flee-er, it was the best I could scrounge up.


As you can see, joining battles without asking is a problem in the spiral.  Many players prefer speedy kill decks these days as opposed to the more traditional pack-in-everything-you-can-plus-the-kitchen-sink model.   I farm with a short stack most of the time.  Joining a battle and then fleeing immediately is just cruel, and it's bad manners to boot.  Asking to join battles is always the safe bet, and becomes more necessary the further you go from Wizard City. 

Let me know if you have any great ideas on future fanfics!  Know that I currently have drafts of a PvP courtesy and "dating" in the spiral on the way!

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

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  1. Very similar thing happened to me once too. A possibe solution if it happens and you run out of cards: ESC -> Quit -> Play -> then you should be in the battle again with your friend, and cards will be restored, but I completely get your point. Maybe pack a Reshuffle next time too... darn Flee-ers!

  2. Yeah, it was really annoying - today I was playing on my little diviner (dinged 10 today!!) when another person joined my battle, and then fled within about five seconds, but of course after another baddie had joined. How rude!!!!!

    I think a fanfic on "dating" could be really funny if done right. I could use a laugh these days, what with everyone quitting...