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Friday, February 11, 2011

Unwelcomed Teleports

Greetings Spiralites, and welcome to another exciting installment of Through the Eyes of a Sorcerer. Today's feature presentation includes yet another fanfic meant to educate youngsters (and some older players, too...) about some important issues in the spiral.


I wake abruptly from my slumber in Lifeglen Manor to the vibrant colors of a teleport mere minutes after drifting off from a lengthy day of library research.

 "What the heckhound is going on??" I ask to the person who dropped in unannounced.  They reply with a weak "sorry" and immediately jump into a long winded tale about how Malistaire is actually alive and remarried to Morganthe.  Please! 

Finally, rather grumpily (as I am NOT a person to deal with immediately after I get out of bed...), I ask the person "What do you think you are doing? Dropping into my home at hours that no normal wizard keeps, and starting in on a tirade about Malistaire and Morganthe secretly raising Dworgyn after rescuing him from a clocktower in France.  Goodness, haven't you heard of "knocking" first?  There's this marvelous feature called a Whisper that lets you reach me before porting...and everyone wonders why I never leave my teleportation locator turned on!"  My friend and I then had a LONG talk about teleporting after receiving approval.

I, for one, prefer to be asked before dropped in on unless I happen to be in a publicly accessible area that is not combat based.  For instance, if someone drops in on me at the Bazaar, in the Shopping District, Celestia Base Camp, the Commons (though WHY would anyone EVER go there unless it was to sprint through at top speeds?!?), Pet Pavillion, etc, I'm fine with it.  When someone lands on top of me in the Science Center as I'm offing some Aquabots with a 1-shot Ra when I have my short-stack on (short-stack is how I refer to my quick and easy short case you were wondering) then we have problems.  Also, housing is a touchy subject.  Some people only log in for long enough to tend a garden or drop a furniture item off, and some others really don't want their houses to be viewed before complete. 

Different people have different levels of privacy. The rule of thumb is to always ask before you port unless you are certain the party you are porting to is alright with it.

Moral is: Ask before you port (especially in private locations and combat areas). Establish "safe port areas" with your friends about where you can port to each other without asking.  That will make life easier on everyone!

I'll post this in the "fanfic" tab as well, check that out sometime if you haven't already!  If anyone has any ideas on future "Tips via fanfic", please let me know!

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen


  1. Agreed, definitely! And also wizards -not friends- joining a battle without asking when I'm offering minions a taste of an AoE, and then 1 extra enemy comes in, and I don't really have cards left... short decks can backfire. I always ask before joining one. For me, anyone can pop in on me in my house though, lol :)

  2. Hah, thats happened to me too. I'd be in my house and this level 5 would randomly teleport to my house and run around, and I didn't even know the person! I eventually coaxed him out (he only had menu chat) by standing next to the Spiral door and saying "Follow me". That got him out.

  3. Well, the solution would be that every time someone tries to teleport, you have to accept or decline, but I can see this interrupting in very inconvenient places.

  4. I agree with Arlen. I've had people join in when my death has her deck of 2x Deathblade, 2x Giant, and 2x Skeletal Dragon. Luckily i have Feint, Skeletal Pirate, and Feint item cards!

    You should do one for Online Dating, and one for ditching a fellow player in combat.

  5. Those are both wonderful ideas! I had been considering one on why NOT to randomly join in another wizard's battle without asking, so maybe I could chunk that with ditching someone together. Yes, the plot is coming to me already. My Aqua-bot farming deck is composed quite literally of a balanceblade and a Ra. Throw in my dragonblade from trusty Mister Zeus and a Power Nova from my Nova Necklace and add my Insightful Spyglass and that's it. Really, no room to move stuff around if someone else jumps in after I cast the spell. If someone jumps in before I cast, I can at least wait for the next slot to fill up before I cast it, but then it goes from a 3 turn kill to 4+...worth it though!

  6. Yes PLEASE ask first. Or better yet. Don't port to be before 10am PST. Because before that time I may be on, but I'm not awake. Or at least if you do port to me before 10am, don't speak. Thanks.