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Monday, February 28, 2011

Former PvP Commander Say Wha?

Test realm is going live tonight!  Woot!  Time to buy me some Baconator and a new sword for PvP.  Wait, what?  PvP?  John Lifeglen doesn't PvP.  Um...

Yeah, I was a PvP Commander FOREVER ago.  I got hit with an unlucky streak of sniper bolters before the arena was "fixed" and then my sub ran I never got it back up.  I had subbed for a couple of months in order to get a rank other than Private, and I'm happy to be sitting at Knight right now.  However, the PvP bug has bitten again and this time I'm teaming up with my friend Maria Moonblossom from Wizard101 Central and my friend Matthew Deathcaster.  We thought that having a team uniform that was SUPER DUPER close and yet unique to each of us was something we wanted, so we came up with the idea of wearing school symbol robes of all the same style and then having a common color theme that worked for all of us. 

GREAT idea in practice it was a bit tougher.  Life, Death, and Balance don't seem to have ANY robes in common between them all...except for ONE that all seven schools actually have (though finding the Death one was SUPER tricky, a big thanks to Kestrel's brother Alex for that one!).  Lacking so many robes and pieces of clothing is a bit annoying.  I would love it if somehow (be it dropped, crafted, or...dare I say items...) KI introduced the missing pieces of symbol gear to us.  But, since we did finally find something that works it's ours.  I'm doing it.  Calling Dibs.  Right here and now.  DIBS DIBS DIBS. Yeah, it's a bit immature...but necessary.  Dibs on our team uniform styles! 

Best of luck coordinating your own uniforms should you choose to use them (not that I can really do a single thing about it if you should choose to use our exact uniforms, other than be slightly irritated.).  So, the uniform that I would appreciate you all not using is as follows: Hat in the style of the "pie hat" as Heather Emeraldflame would have called it (also known as a Cardinal's Cap to those who reference Eloise); Robe in the style of Regal Outfit; and Boots in the style of Mage's Boots.  Our color scheme is Dark Blue with White Trim.  Also know that I reserve the right to use this same combination for any other school that tickles my fancy!  Here's a picture of me in the balance version of the uniform.

Let me know what you guys think!

Your [Super Excited To Try PvP Again] Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

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