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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Headin' on Out!

Well gang, this title is a bit misleading *I'm really beginning to wonder what my obsession is with post titles now...*.  I am NOT leaving, so stop getting your hopes up. Haha.  The title actually refers to my old header moving on out and being replaced with one of me in my stitched Legendary gear and my crafted balance staff, along with my trusty companion Mr. Zeus *Best Balance Pet EVER!!!*.  I would've posted about it last night but after the greuling work of assembling it in the wee hours of the early morning (when I couldn't sleep) I opened the picture I'd taken for the purpose and FINALLY set to work on creating a masterpiece.  Meh, judge for yourself.  I'm not exactly what you might call "gifted" in the graphical arts (or any art for that matter...especially musical!) but I'm fairly certain I did a pretty bang-up job on it. 

I like it, and while I was looking for other cool fonts to play with I stumbled upon one that looks like an old comic book font complete with jagged-edged bubbles for the words and the Disney font.  I even found something similar to the font from Hercules (the Disney one; and also one of my favorite Disney movies ever).  Then I found THE BRADY BUNCH!  Since that's what I call my account due to the 3/3 guy/girl split on it, if I ever reveal everyone to you it'll likely use that font just for my own personal entertainment. 

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Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen 


  1. My main acct which has Kieran Storm on it is split 4 guys 2 girls, but my side acct is split 3/3 too lol. About fonts..those things can be a pain, but I like the one you chose. What is it called? I usually stick to Kartika, Kaela, and Journal.

  2. Why exactly is that the best balance pet ever? And, what is it? Since I've been looking for a better balance pet for my lengendary sorcerer. I like my hydra but since its one of those that was around before the pet stuff came out its not really giving me anything as good as I could be getting.

  3. @Xinaed: The font I used for my header is called Fancy Pens and can be found (in free trial form) on

    @Zaolan: It's the best balance pet in my opinion because it manifested 6% balance attack power and balance accuracy, 118 health (I think it capped at 118...haven't looked lately) and gives me a dragonblade. Yes, it has selfish talent but it's still a good pet to hatch against to work on something better! For a 1st gen, my talented piggle rocks :D

  4. Yes but what sort of piggle is it? From the looks of it, it is a brute piggle but Xinaed's brute piggle doesn't have the dragon blade.

  5. OH! Never heard of a talented piggle before so i thought you were saying it was a "talented" piggle. lol.

  6. Lol, the talented piggle is the Gamestop piggle when redeemed during the Dragonblade special. They're pretty good, I had Mr. Zeus. before advanced pets released and he only had the blade, but I got VERY lucky when he grew up!