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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Confusion? Let's Fix That!

No character picture because I'm slipping out of character for this post. It seems that a few people are getting a teensy bit confused. Noah is not really another person writing on my blog. I am (and unless I have a guest-post sometime, always will be) the only poster at Through the Eyes of a Sorcerer.  Each of my characters save for John Lifeglen is named after one of my little cousins, and a majority of them don't even share a first name because of the limits of the name picker and my family's affinity for choosing strange names or weird spellings.

Noah, in reality, likes to wrestle around and is generally a little rough. I picked Ice for him because of that strength and durability. The others all have a characteristic that has shown through (such as my sister's ability to go from happy to grouchy in a split second, much like the weather [<---that is a clue as to which school my representation of her is!!!]) and that I placed them into school for. One of my cousins really loves the Percy Jackson books and mythology in general, ergo, that cousin is Myth.  In due course all of them will get around to posting here.  Basing characters off of them allows me to provide cheap entertainment if I ever have to babysit them. Noah, again, likes horses, so I can sit his character down on a pony mount of choice and let him ride around, oohing and aahing at whatever he sees. He's about to the age where I can start teaching him to play, too.

Why in Our Spiral would you post as alter-egos, though? That seems confusing!
I'm glad you asked, random internet entity that is popping up all of a sudden. I find that writing from another character, Through the Eyes of Another if you will, to be refreshing, rejuvenating, and a fantastic way to pick on the faults and weaknesses I see in one of my characters without making them try and tear themselves apart.  By pulling the "family" card, that makes it even easier, because relatives are best at telling you what you are good or bad at, what you are doing right or wrong, and always have your back in tough times. Utilizing a real relationship makes it easier to write about.

I hope this little foray into the innermost regions of my brain (yes, it IS a scary place for those of you who know me best) has been insightful, and allowed some misconceptions to be cleared up!

I wish you all the best, and I hope to see you In Our Spiral soon!

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  1. Lies! I think you have an ARMY of contributors! Give 'poor Noah' his credit, lol.