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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Muahaha-Torture. Oh, and News

Noah here again. I'm torturing John, yay!!!

Yeahno. I'm not really tormenting anyone. Mother Nature has left poor John out in the hot desert sun (serves him right for being balance in my honest opinion) while I curl up in my Ice House and cool off. He's even begging me to cast a blizzard on the surrounding area. I keep telling him to go visit Alhazred and maybe sneak off into the Hall of Champions and help out some lowbies (the kind way to say noob) and maybe run the Vault of Ice. Sad part is that he's actually considering it. Silly Legendaries! That's what they get for not having any quests of their own left. Haha.

The main reason I am sitting down to a laptop and taking the risk of melting part of my house from the residual heat was to let everyone know a few things about the Dragon's Hoard pack. Yeah, I'm late to the party (guess that must be a family thing, I don't remember John ever being on time) but it's something that needs to be addressed.  I was trying for the Dragonrider's Death Sword because it gives me Critical and Block chance on a sword I can use at level 50. It's really sweet, totally worth it. But getting that puppy was a hassle!  Most people tried forever for the Bone Dragon mount. It's nice. I have a few of them now thanks to trying for that sword. How is it that I can get an epic item multiple times before achieving a rare one?  That just seems a little bit ridiculous to me.

John was also saying something about KIFreeGames. He told some of us (me and 2 of the other cousins) to help ourselves to the Galvanic Hammers in the shared bank. We were questioning why they were there to begin with, and why he was farming such a low tier. Apparently John has been having trouble getting a Shardtail Dragon (same tier). 4 Galvanic Hammers before one pet. It seems that the luck is just not with us right now!  We love the hammers, but it seems like chance is against us. Does anyone have a "target score" in Doodle Dug that you've received a Shardtail from?  Maybe each tier has subdivisions?  Who knows. Let me know what you think and I'll pass it along (or more likely John will see it first, since he's the only one with clearance to approve comments -.-)

Keep it Frosty,
Noah Mythglen

PS. John was proofreading my post before publishing it and told me to mention that there's a whole slew of new furniture in the Crown Shop. Most of it (if not all!) available for gold, too! Check it out!!

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