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Friday, July 1, 2011

Ravenwood Recap

I'm late to the picture posting party, I know. And I don't have as many as I anticipated due to some issues with lag. Lag was REALLY annoying, but a sign that the party was a huge success. Congratulations, Fallon, on two amazing years!  I'm posting this so late because I figured dragging out the memories for another week ex post facto would be fun. Here are a couple of favorites.
Maria and I in our costumes. We went with a theme called "Life In Balance".
The original costume involved both of us with Astral Judgement as a pet, too.
Don't we look spiffy?
The "Line Dance" as started at the pre-party by Kevin Battleblood. I was
already lagging or I would have joined in...and I needed to be in front of it to
get a good angle on the shot.

Super cute family of snowpeople!

Edit of two images putting them together. I LOL'd HARD at that.
Literally had pain in my side from laughter.

And there are your Ravenwood Ball 2011 screenshots! I had to leave early for church so I didn't get any shots from Cassandra Hexthorn's awesome mini-party. I barely had time to run through and look at it all!

That's all for today!

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

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  1. The more I see, the more I appreciate W101's wizards and their creative uses of the limited "sandbox toys" we are given.