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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bloggers' Club Party Review

SO the FIRST EVER Bloggers' Club event took place lastnight as a way to kinda pre-game for Ravenwood Radio!  It was kinda a flop to begin with but then we had some great people show up.  (Again...silly me forgetting the screenshots in all of the excitement >.<)  Anyway, I'd love to make this post my rambling list of friends who decided to drop by but I'm working on the whole "rambling" bit...and there I go again.

It didn't all go in the fashion of sunshine and daisies though, and to say it went without a hitch would just be lying to you.  Our wonderful host Edward was having some, err, connection problems caused by inclement weather and didn't make it on until later in the evening, and even then he ported to say hello and vanished mysteriously again.  Most of the Bloggers' Club members made it over, and we had a good time all in all.  Goodness, even a certain Thomas Lionblood and the beautiful and charming Bailey Skystaff made an appearance!

Ya, you heard me...the Friendlies even showed up.  Hmm...I think the Friendlies are from Percy Jackson and the Olympians...nvm, that's the Kindly Ones.  ANYWAY everyone started to pile on poor Thomas so I whispered to Bailey "port to me in a second" and then ran off to my spider pen.  I let Bailey port in when it was safe to do so and then Thomas made it into the new...uh...I think I called it a VIP Protection Box last night.  I should be considering renovations to add a box to all of my current houses and still maintain the overall themes, that would make future entertaining events more easily ready for the famous community members we need to protect. 

We all moved over to Kymma's (that's Kestrel's alt if you didn't know) house later, it was GREAT.  A rug High-dive to the pool and then a rug path to the roof of her house, it was amazing.  I found a great little bug where you can drop off of the roof, run a little ways, and end up on the ramp.  This was a Krokotopian mansion btw.  And then we headed off to Ravenwood Radio.  Excellent show last night.  Myth Study Hall was fantastic lastnight with Lisa Jonte from A Mythspent Youth.  That's an excellent blog to visit for games to play and interesting insight to our wonderful game.  The after party was fun too, Nightside certainly was hoppin'.  Quite a few heavy hitters were there.  Sometimes I feel sorry for them, seeing as they get dog piled everywhere they go :(  Oh well! Nothing I can do about it.  And now I'm logging in.

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen


  1. Sorry that I couldn't make it. I had to go to this campout thingy for preparation for a yearly overnight summer camp that girls my age go to during the summer. It was fun, though. So, sorry I couldn't make it, but...

    --Destiny S.

    Btw THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for helping me with Counterweight West and Big Ben. Unfortunately I didn't get the entire satisfaction of defeating Meowiarty because I was afk the whole dang time because my mom... Well, lets just say that when she wants "A minute" with you, it means an HOUR!!!

  2. Heya! It's taken me all day almost, and three hours of writing!! Let me know what you think

    Ugh, I forgot to spellcheck...