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Friday, June 11, 2010


Hello wizards of the Spiral, and welcome to another fascinating installment of Through the Eyes of a Sorcerer.  It brings me great pleasure to share some fantastic news with you all!

I finally received my blue banshee from Lord Nightshade.  After a week long hiatus from farming that incredibly easy boss he finally dropped what I was after :D  Right after I got it I had to log out, but I can't wait until it hatches!  Now all I need for my banshee collection is the Red Banshee from Akuji...and the Boss Banshee from Dean Darkflame.  That one should be fun to farm for, and I'll be taking requests to join the "hunting" party as I have decided to christen it.

On that note of pet collection, it brings me great joy to inform you that I am now the proud owner of each and every type of my special birthday pet, the Leprechaun!  And here's a picture for you all to appreciate how much I love them :D  Note that they are on some DS ruins...this is symbolic of a bank that they worked at before the collapse of DS and now they are back where they belong!  I apologize for the poor picture, blame the fact that 4 pets at a time is hard to pose without keeping the decorate screen up!

And to wrap up for the night I would like to say thank you to everyone who has kept me farming and farmed with me.  I now own 64 pets, and the Lifeglen Pet Habitat is really beginning to thrive!  I see so many (64) special and unique pets there, so thank you for helping me to achieve it.

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

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  1. Woah, 64 pets?! That's crazy hope you can achieve your goals!