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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Craziest Day EVER in Wizard101

Hello fellow wizards, this is John Lifeglen with an impressive story of magnificently magical confusion. It all began when Chris asked me to help him get the stone roses in the Crown of Fire and the Labyrinth...we still have yet to get the Labyrinth one as he had to leave upon finishing Malistaire. Then my old friend Emily Firehorn shows up in game after an extended absence. I unfortunately couldn't stay long, and when I returned she was gone. Then the actual "weirdness" began.

It all began when I finally decided to go farming for the infamous Crabling. I tried to port to Donna Spellthorn who mentioned she was farming there, but her ports were closed. I finally tried porting to Taryn Ravenheart, a close friend who does not blog but is very fun to be around. When I ported to Taryn I thought I clicked the wrong person as I landed in the 4th slot of the battle, as Taryn usually farms alone. Come to relize that I was in battle with Donna Spellthorn, Taryn, and Cody Shadowstrider.

As weird as it was to port to 1 friend and see 2 others that don't know the 1st, things can get weirder. As I stepped outside I ran into the one and only Mary Dreamshade. Donna left for a while and Isaac Mistheart dropped in which made for an interesting time. Pretty soon Taryn dropped out and Donna came back in. No one got the Crabling >.< I went back to farming with Taryn when she got back, and we both went to sell drops. I ran back to the Crazed Forest Spirit only to find Fallon Shadowblade on her alt, Autumn Drake. Autumn introduced herself to Chris and I and she went in to farm for another crab.

So things are all weird so far, it gets better. Taryn got a Crabling and did the *Cheer* emote and then I said "Crabgratulations" -yes Crabgratulations is my word, it has been trademarked, you cannot use it- and when I stepped outside I saw Cassandra Griffindreamer and then Donna whispered to me about Uber Wife being on! Well I ported and met the wonderful Bailey Skystaff for the first time and saw Cassandra Griffindreamer had ported to Donna as well and we had a short chat. Samantha Drake's alt, Iridian, was there, too.

Then I headed back to MooShu to try for the crabling again and when I approached it was none other than one half of the Comedy Theurgists team, Marissa Petal. Chris ran back up behind us then.

Then I started farming with Taryn yet again and who ports in but my old friend Keira Lionheart! She had told me a couple months ago she wouldn't be on for about a year...little did I know that means school year. It was a fantastic surprise. Keira snagged a Crabling on her 3rd or 4th go.

Emily showed up again later on too, and we farmed and farmed and farmed. I still didn't get that darn Crabling...but Keira ported in and got another. Then Marissa ported to me and we fought the darn spirit more. And at 9:38, my Crabling Rocco was brought into the world!

All in all, yesterday was a WEIRD day. I'm wondering who I'll run into next and if any other old friends will reappear.

Your [Creeped Out] Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

1 comment:

  1. Yeah. I felt like my first year at Dragon*con. I ended up in the Green Room (VIP consuite) I knew names, but not faces. Later, I fanned; but at the time, I had no idea I was hanging out with some of the top names in Sci-fi!
    I'm always so clue-less!

    It was one of my most memorable nights! Weird, but fun (And we got CRABS!) TY!