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Monday, June 7, 2010

Interesting Stuff

So apparently people's crown gear has gone missing, luckily none of mine has -yet-.  Also, some pets have vanished as well :(.  Poor little pets, I hope they come back OK but I'm certain KI will resolve this swiftly and efficiently. 

Speaking of pets, I got my Mander yesterday!  Yes, the one from Kiwu, and he's a cute little green thing.  I so wish we could name them Salam Ibn'dur after daddy ^^.  Funny, funny stuff.  I continue to feel better today so I'm gradually reaching that 100% mark when I can start to play as faithfully as I used to. 

And finally, welcome Cassandra Hexthorn and Taryn Ravenheart to the blogging world!  They run A Life of Fire and Wizard101-The Business of a Divine Wezl respectively.  Be sure to check these two amazing blogs out as I'm sure you will come to love the humor and writing of these amazing wizards.

I need to turn in the for night.

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

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