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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Of Colossi and Clockworks

Good morning fellow wizards!  I figure I'll post this before I even get into the game today to save some time later on lol.  I'm going to talk about the Kensington run a bit and also the newest pet to my collection.  This title sorta gives it away...

Lastnight the Kensington run was a flop.  Aside from getting 9 snacks of varying level it was sort of a waste of time, but my amazing friend Maria Moonblossom and I still had a LOAD of fun :D  Right after defeating Ratchet I took the time to read what Gyro had to say and I busted up laughing at this, "Spiders, spiders everywhere! And all they do is clink!"  Sorry Maria, I like this shorter title better, but I still posted our quote!  We finally made it to Stoker only to be disappointed in that battle but we carried on hoping to get the Mechanical Spider drop from our 2nd go.  That failed to lol.  All throughout the lair I was calling out "GO PIKACHU!" and various other Pokemon, trying to remember what was good against what.  Maria and I tried throwing a Master Ball at the little spiders but they evaded...that's about when I decided we needed a GRANDMASTER BALL :D  Let me know what you think of that one lol!

After our failure there we filled up our potions and sold our loot, and then headed for Nidavellir.  There are so many pets running around that place it's not even funny.  We decided to, ahem, shortcut the Hall of Valor and only hit the 3 battles we needs.  First battle I snagged my Silver Colossus from the Runed Devestator!  That was a pretty cool thing, and it should have hatched by now.  Then we headed off to Lokar and then the Jotun battle.  Edward was with us for Lokar and Jotun, and he snagged the Life Bat from Grettir in the Jotun fight.  All in all, it was a pretty good night.  Now I just need to farm that Crabling that everyone is after.  Eh, maybe I'll take the time everyone else is away to go after my Ianthine Spectre instead.

Happy Farming and Happy Trails!

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

1 comment:

  1. Hey, let me know if you wanna farm that Spectre has been at the top of my list for "most loved new pet available" since it first appeared in the TR. I told a guy I use to game with on there, many month ago, that I wished they made that type of pet...and THEY DID!...I was so happy to find that out...and now I just need one! So, if you want I will grab my Fire and we can go farm that Demon. Fire is definitely the best school to use against him with all those shields...I've been using really well.
    See ya in the Spiral! ;)