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Friday, July 30, 2010

All-Star Meet & Greet Review!

Hello Wizards!  The Meet & Greet was last night, and for those of you who had early bedtimes, laggy computers, or just refused to crawl out from under your favorite rock for the night all missed out on something AWESOME! 


I rolled out of bed in my comfortable mansion known as Lifeglen Manor to those who have had the privilege of viewing the eccentric collector's valuables.  I walked downstairs and opened my door and located the Wizard101 Press sitting on my front steps with the headline Bloggers' Meet & Greet~Fail.  I immediately scanned the first page to determine what had caused the grade of "F" given by one "reporter" by the name of Jack Icecaster.  Upon reading this, I immediately sent word to the Press that my subscription was ending, and to please remove my name from the mailing list.  I ran to my secret lab, grabbed some supplies, and headed back to my room to grab my key ring, and then headed to the memorial terrace to burn a pyre for a lost friend.  Upon completing this task I mounted Mufasa, my lion, and headed down the stairs and over the water to my spiral gate.  I wedged the Wizard City key into the lock, turned it, and opened the door--then stepping out into Bartleby I felt the warm sun shine down on my face, and I knew that everything would be OK.


I've been considering fanfic for some time, please let me know what you think of the above so I can either pursue it or not.  Thanks in advance!

Contrary to the belief of one Jack Icecaster who apparently is "employed" by the Wizard101 Press.  Everyone I have spoken to valiantly defies what that article states, and with much better grammar and poise to boot.  If this were a real newspaper, I might have to charge them with slander.

The night went very well, even with the port bus not going at the right time due to bugged settings, a near-riot in Golem Court leading to a swift resolution, people discovering the hidden path leading directly into the Watchtower that was meant to be a secret for the VIP guests alone, and some people miraculously breaking into the tower (still trying to figure that one out...).  Things were a bit too chaotic for me to take any screenshots, but let me assure you this was one event that you needed to be at!  All in all, I don't think I would have done MUCH different.

On the flip side of those mini-fiascoes, everyone who had confirmed for the event showed, as well as many who were unsure!  I don't know when the next one will be, but there will most certainly be another.  Who knows, I might turn this into a bimonthy event or something...if I can work out the college scheduling. >.<  Thank you to all who came, and for the amazing reviews.  A HUGE thank you to Heather Emeraldflame for helping me to host this, and for all of the help in planning and dealing with the aftershock.  Last but not least, a huge thank you to Cassandra Hexthorn for directing traffic, for patiently waiting for the port bus of doom, and for helping me deal with aftershock.

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

Thursday, July 29, 2010

CL Wallpaper...Again. *SQUEE*

Welcome back for another exciting blog post.  I bring you, CL WALLPAPER!  WOOT WOOT!  Check out that dog thing in the background ^^

He certainly looks Marleybonian to me!

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

PS.  Check out the countdown!!! /\ LOOK UP /\

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

All-Star Meet & Greet Ad

We bring you this breaking news bulletin. Unfortunately, the write up has been scrambled and coded.  Good luck, Wizards (or you can just click the video and listen there)...

¡xʌıʎz ǝdǝ ƃɟʎ xʍp zʇ ɯɯǝu z,ƃǝƃ bN ˙uzɐʍl sʞǝxɾ ʞɐx loʞɐd ʍxzɔ ʍɹǝ ɾɐn ılɟ ǝo ıǝɟn oɯ xʌlnΛ bıxɟפ Ɩ ʇʍɔ˥ uʞsƃzʇN ɹɯ ǝl ʇxʍx dɯqX dɹxɯɹıO pԀ 00:8 ɯs 'sǝ6ᄅ ʎǝʎN 'dƃʍʍʌƃʎ┴ ƃפ ˙ɾlʍʇ ʍɔɹɾ ᄅ ɹdɹɐ ɾı ɯʍdɔפ ⅋ ɯııp xʇxM-xɔ∀ xzƎ ˙pʍxɹ ʞǝopǝıps ɥɯɐɥ ʎǝǝʞıʍoƎ ɹlɐ∀ sq ʞʇs┴

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wizard101 All-Star Meet & Greet

Hey there spellcasters!  John Lifeglen here to let you in on a little secret.  The All-Star Meet & Greet is up and running!  I'll let the flier speak for itself.

Props to Cassandra Hexthorn for the amazing graphic as I am graphically challenged ;)

Yep, that's right!  All kinds of heavy hitters will be there!  This party is being hosted at my Watchtower Hall (surprised ya didn't I? Well this party will be to break it in right.  It's been constructed for quite some time now, I just wanted to unveil with a bang.  Attend the event, see the Watchtower-good deal right?).  Port busses will be loading in Golem Court of Unicorn Area One at 8:00 PM CST.  The bus will leave promptly at that time.  Two more busses will run in 15 minute intervals at 8:15 and 8:30.  8:30 is the final bus of the evening.  If you are unable to make the 8:30 bus, please comment on this post as Heather Emeraldflame (our marvelous hostess) is arranging the port bus schedules.  We hope to see you when the stars align!  Please note, the Bloggers' Club Countdown/Timer also leads to this event.  Until the timer triggers, the 1st port bus will not leave.

We hope to see you all there!

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

Friday, July 16, 2010

Celstia Wallpaper Update! *SQUEE*

WOOHOO Wizards of the Spiral!  The Celestia Wallpaper has been updated.  This time around it's a Red Gobbler pet and a female from Marleybone.  Do I spy steampunk goggles around her neck, possibly?  How sweet would Steampunk looks be really?  AWESOME!  In other news, more shadows have been added that need to be revealed.  Oh, and notice the wrench?  Maybe our wands will be tools :D.


Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fieldtrip to Hogsmeade: Part Two

At the request of a fan of my blog, I am introducing a second segment to my previous post.  Apparently the store fronts were of interest and I failed to post them!  So here is another picture post :D.  I hope you don't Humongrofrog on the way there as we will be apparating.  One, Two, Three, TURN.


And here we are!  Welcome back to Hogsmeade!

Please respect the spell limits!

Should we drop in on the Three Broomsticks to grab a bite to eat? Maybe some Butterbeer?

Who needs an Olivander's Wand? Just don't get mine!!!

Not a storefront, but in a store window.  A Quaffle and Bludger in a case.  The other Bludger was moving around too much for me to photograph! And the Snitch was fluttering in the background.

Pranks from Zonko's!

Honeydukes Sweet Shop!  This was a simply amazing store :D

A random shop that wasn't accessible, but the windows advertised exotic plants.

And don't worry, I won't make you apparate back to Ravenwood, let's hope a ride on the Scarlet Steam Engine!  See ya back in the spiral!

If there is still something you are missing and wish to see, just comment away or talk to me in the spiral.  I'll search through my pictures and see if I can do something for ya!

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Through the Eyes of a Sorcerer, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter ROCKED.

I GOT A WAND IN REAL LIFE.  I write this before even re-entering the spiral, you all should feel privelaged lol.  I have returned from my week long vacation in sunny Orlando and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  It pretty much rocked out loud.  I would love to go into details now but I really can't, as my pictures are sitting on my phone and I cannot find my upload cable :(.  Before I could even log in and start the patch I had to repair out internet connection due to the fact that I alone know how to "power cycle" in my house xD.  I'll work on uploads tomorrow, lots of pictures for everyone!  This post will be edited (or I might decide to just add a new post, who really knows at this point) with pictures and information.  This will be my first non-Wizard101 related post EVER and I hope not to make it too much of a habit. 


Let's call this a Fieldtrip from Ravenwood, shall we?  A Fieldtrip to Hogsmeade and Hogwarts!

Here are the pictures and details I promised! There was just so much to see and so little time, and I don't want this post to be TOO terribly lengthy so I am limiting myself to around 20 pictures.  If I don't post something that you DO want to see, please comment on this post and I'll see what I can do!  My pictures of all things Triwizard are on my aunt's camera as my batteries died, so I don't have those...yet.  Here we go!

Hogsmeade/Hogwarts directional arrows.

Flags from the 4 houses of Hogwarts, the backdrop for the Triwizard Spirit Rally and the Frog Choir.

The Butterbeer Keg!!!!!  Butterbeer was amazing, but WAY sweet.  One glass was even tough to get down.

The sweet concoction itself, Butterbeer!!!

The baby Mandrake plants from HP and the Chamber of Secrets.

Oh silly me, you probably wanted HOGWARTS before now!

MY Wand, yes MINE.  I didn't get a "Hero" wand like Harry, Hermione, etc.  This one is not claimed by a character, so I claim it as John Lifeglen's!

Can YOU say Sorting Hat?

The House Competition point hourglasses.  Please note who is in the lead.

We need a sign like this in the commons "Please Respect the Spell Limits".

The Mirror of Erised from HP and the Sorcerer's Stone

The Pensieve from numerous books.

And I will conclude with the following images from Honeydukes and Zonko's.  I was a little depressed when I could not purchase Fizzing Wizzbees, but the Chocolate Frogs, U-No-Poo, Acid Pops, Sugar Quills, and Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans made up for it.  Also, Extendable Ears :D  And in my Chocolate Frog, I got Helga Hufflepuff in trading card form!  OK Here come the pictures!

And on that "hoppy" note, We'll conclude the Fieldtrip to Hogwarts.  I hope you all enjoyed yourselves!  Again, please comment if you want to know any other details or possibly squeeze some other pictures out of me ;). 

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's Been A While

Wow, I've been out of the Spiral and out of the blogosphere for quite some time!  Things have been hectic here, and I don't expect them to slow down any more for quite some time.  Let's dive in to the feature for today.

When I say "dive" I mean CELESTIA.  And while CL (I told ya so...NOT CS) isn't actually on the Test Realm (again, I told ya know who you are) some, or possibly all of the prequest chain to get to the magical underwater world is ready and waiting!  These quests take you all over the spiral and eventually lead you to the "new Briskbreeze" as some people are putting it.  The Warehouse is the newest addition to Marleybone, and it is located in Regent's Square!  It certainly is no walk in the park, and could very well be harder than Briskbreeze unless...Let's just say some very good friends of mine and I completed this terrible tower of doom without too many problems.  All it takes is some strategy and some brain power, along with some keen observations!  I wish you all luck with that in the future.

Along with this update we get a new set of quests with Snorri Oysterbloom from Grizzleheim.  His quests all take place in the Savarstaad Pass area, and for those of you not familiar with GH, that is the area that players first enter.  WOOHOO for more XP for new players!!!

Crafting has also come to GH, and with it comes a couple of awesome new houses.  Never fear, Master Artisans, for the crafting is simply extra furniture (mainly of the kitchen persuasion *MUST. GET. IT. ALL.*) and an awesome Watchtower Hall castle.  Yep, you heard me right.  A house that you must CRAFT.  And the recipe is no walk in the park either.  This baby forces you to craft the reagents yourselves.  And I don't mean Transmute Bloodmoss people.  You have to craft furniture to use as reagents.  Here's the recipe for those of you daring enough to undertake this colossal achievement.

For those of you who are frightened by crafting of this high level, but still want a GH house, do not fret.  A new GH house, the Dragon's Fjord, has come to the crown shop!  It has the same storage capabilities as the school housing at a whopping 250 items both inside and out!  And for storage to match a school house, a price as well.  This baby will cost you 10,000 Crowns or 100,000 Gold.  It's up to you. 

When buying housing, please remember this: There is a cap on housing, each wizard is only allowed to own 3 castles + their original dorm room.  Also, you can no longer sell houses with items inside, you must clean them out before you sell. 

Also on the Test Realm this go around, Croaky in Air Dales has a new friend!  This friend sells PETS :D  Yes good people you heard me, PETS.  2 of the pets from my confirmed but unlocatable list have been removed, and a 3rd, very unexpected pet has come with them.  The Brass Golem, Wood Golem, and Cat Thug.  Brass Golem looks like Clockwork Golem pet, but looks slightly shinier and more sinister I think.  Wood Golem looks exactly like the first floor of Golem Tower.  Cat Thug looks just like the Blue Cat Thug pet from Grubb, only it does not have a card with it.

My next video installment will probably be coming soon, and it will be my pet sanctuary.  I will be uploading it next (though not intended to be next initially) because I plan to relocate the sanctuary to Watchtower Hall as soon as I manage wish me luck!

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

PS. Check out my farming list for some new additions!
PSS. Don't forget about the party tomorrow,  /\LOOK UP/\