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Friday, December 3, 2010

Wizards Speak Out! (But Not Obnoxiously, Please)

Hello Wizards of the universe (spiral to be more specific).  As many of you know, I have my hand in quite a few community related locations throughout the spiral (and beyond).  Well, I did up until college...and over Thanksgiving Break I kinda started to get a bit more involved again.  Piggle Rallying, completing CL for the first time, etc.  Yes, yes, I'm all legendary and stuff now. [INSERT EVIL GRIN HERE]  Really though, I'm seeing some issues in the community I was once so active in.

The issue I'm talking about is one of language.  Yes, language.  No, I do not mean the language barrier between English speaking players and Foreign language speaking players.  The language in-game (in the spiral [ITS]) and also outside of the game (in the greater Wizard City area where the vast majority of wizards' islands spend their time floating around so that we all have places to stay when we're not off combating evil and where we can continue to keep in touch with friends from the game [AKA Twitter, Wizard101 ConnectX, Facebook *though I don't have one for wizards...*, blogs, Wizard101 Central, etc.] has been rapidly declining.  ITS at least, KingsIsle has language filters in place (that some naughty wizards circumvent for their own purposes...) but Twitter has nothing of this nature to protect its younger users from the foul mouths of some older players.  This needs to stop; and it will stop if wizards will just start using their heads.  It is well understood that the Wizard101 Twitter Feeds are meant to be safe for players of all ages to view.

Would you ever run into battle without a deck equipped?  What about a wand?  These are vital pieces of a wizard's battle kit and completely necessary for survival.  All of that is nothing without thinking about which cards to play.  Yes, I said THINKING.  I am aware that many of you enter the spiral to decompress after a long day (I know I do quite often) but the thinking is still there.  It might be semi-automatic now, but you still carefully consider which cards to play when and in what order.  Trap stacking specifically requires much thought.  Why isn't this much thought being put into things that small children read? 

Basically, we need to think before we tweet (yes mom, I know it's supposed to be think before you speak but I'm modifying here...)  Older twizards (wizards that use twitter) should not have to be consciously monitoring what is being said to ding people on saying inappropriate things.  Even phonetic spellings of words not meant for young ears should ever be sent out. 

So, I'm being a bit rambly today but it's something that just really irks me.  We should be protecting the the minds of the future generations so that they don't end up as twisted as they might if we keep up the language.  Please everyone, let's put on our filters before we speak, or there will be people there to call you on it. 

Your [Overly Protective] Friend Always,
John Lifeglen