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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Busy Schedule + Wizard101 = FAIL.

Times are busy again, *so much for summer being freedom...not when you are embarking on the journey of College the following autumn I suppose* and I have finally found time to make a post!  I've decided it is time to show everyone all of my houses, in vibrant video!  I haven't ever uploaded video here before so this will be a learning experience for me.  Captions will be shown from within the game, so no explanations needed beneath the videos.  The Wizard101 Dormitory video follows.

If you have any questions about the items pictured in the above video please don't hesitate to ask!  Leave a comment on this post with the question and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note, this will be a series of posts, concluding with my favorite house.  These videos will not be released over a set period of time, it will be whenever I can find time with my hectic schedule.  Thank you for your understanding. 

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

Monday, June 21, 2010

Fun Times and a Party Tonight!

Well wizards, the weekend is over and now it's back to the grind of the week!  I literally JUST finished a Kensington run using the "Battleblood Method" as I'm going to call it!  We made it out in just over an hour, so it was a pretty good run.  No one got a Seraph or Mechanical spider though :( and no one scored any awesome furniture.  Oh well, snacks drop all over the place in there so I can feed my pets for a while without too much money being spent!

In other news, my weekend was full!  First a wedding, then a wedding dance I had to work.  The dance was a good time.  Then I had a baptism to attend on Sunday, and then we watched another Harry Potter movie with my aunt and grandma.  Oh, and official plans have been made on my vacation present! I'll keep you all in suspense though!

last but nto least, the Bloggers' Club Party is tonight, the countdown will change in only a few short hours to reveal the location of the port bus to the show!  It will be a lot of fun for everyone, and some heavy hitters might even show up! 

Oh right! Celestia has had another creature revealed on the countdown, so be sure to head over and check it out on the Celestia Countdown page!

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

Friday, June 18, 2010

It's the Final Foodcart!

Na na na na na na na na na na na na..It's the Final Foodcart-err, countdown...

Long story short, Kensington park holds some AMAZING furniture items ripe for the picking, if you dare enter through its sinister sigils.  It really isn't a huge problem now that the golems have slowed down, and with a certain Kevin Battleblood's tactics, the once 3 hour behemoth has been knocked back to roughly 1 hour!  Way to go Kevin!!!  I was farming with Kevin Battleblood, Heather Emeraldflame, and Fallon Deathslinger (who unfortunately never made it in due to technical difficulty and people porting at the wrong time...) and during our first go I received the Carved Pew.

Ah the Carved Pew, many seek it's wonderfulness, few walk away with it.  I consider myself lucky to have received such a rare and amazing furniture drop on my first run of the night.  It looks EXACTLY like the seating in Wolfminster Abbey :D  And here's a picture of it in the inventory screen:

After the amazing Carved Pew the drops were all clothing, and snacks.  Kensington Park really is an astounding place to receive pet snacks!  In our second run Fallon said she had just entered a dungeon of her own, so she would no be joining us.  Sean Emeraldflame entered instead, and off we went again.  Run number 2 brought me the final foodcart :D  I had longed for a Yellow Foodcart to complete the set in my mansion for quite some time, and finally I had it!  Here's a picture of that, too:

And then, on the 2nd Stoker, I got the drop of Lord Ben, my Seraph.  I didn't think that Lord Ben was a very appropriate nickname for a Seraph so I renamed her Lady Cleo.  I think Cleo is happy withe me.  And here come the screen shots, be ready now, there are a LOT!

/\ Lord Ben drops. /\
\/ I discover Lord Ben to be in a Necromatic Egg O_O \/

/\ Hatched Lady Cleo as seen in backpack mouse-over /\
\/ Lady Cleo in the bank view \/

And last but not least, Lady Cleo at home with her mommy :D  I wish all of you the best of luck in your farming endeavors, and now the Seraph will officially be removed from my list!  I'm still game to accompany with Kensington runs for the purpose of pet snacks and a Mechanical Spider!  And a couple more rare furniture drops.  I believe I need to hop to training this beautiful little pet, the faster that goes the faster we can have Seraph information for the Petnome Project!  Yes, the contest is over.  If you were procrastinating it is too late, but please keep sending in pet information!

See ya in the spiral!

Your [Incredibly Excited] Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More Maintenance, and Other things

Hello Wizards!  First let's get some news from KI:

Wizard101 Extended Maintenance
Wizard101 the game will be offline tonight
from 1am to 6am Central US Time.
During this time, players will be unable to log in to the game, and active players will be prompted to log out.
Our website will also be undergoing maintenance and may have interruptions in service during this downtime. Thank you for your continued patience while we improve the game service for all players.

I wonder what these updates will be?  And the website is going down as well.  I'm thinking maybe some news on Celestia will be posted, possibly some solid dates, and maybe a bit more as far as teaser art goes.  It's all very exciting!  In other news, today I scored 4 pets, 2 of which I already had.  I got a deathbat, skeletal warrior, green ghost, and red banshee.  Kiss the Red Banshee and Skeletal Warrior goodbye from my farming list :D

In other news, E3 2010 is under way and Nintendo seems to have a LOT of fun coming in the next year.  Sony seems to have some great new things coming our way too, though I missed the end of the Sony Spotlight on G4.  Does anyone know if KI has anything hiding away at E3?  It seems like that could REALLY boost the player base even further, and teasers at an event like E3 could start Wizard trending worldwide! 

Well, that's about all I've got for this installment, and now I'm going ITS.

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Questions and Play Time

Hello wizards of the Spiral!  Welcome to another exciting edition of Through the Eyes of a Sorcerer.  In this segment we will discuss the welcome back party for Autumn, as well as my play time plans for the coming weeks.

I had to attend a 40th anniversary party for my great aunt and uncle.  There was cake, and dancing, and it was a good time overall.  Welcome back HIAG, and sorry I missed your party!

In the coming weeks my Saturday evenings are also occupied.  It's wedding season in my hometown and the local youth group often sells soda at the wedding dances.  I have a dance I'm supposed to work next Saturday and the Saturday after, so things here are a little bit busy.  The Saturday AFTER that, while I should be working a dance I will be getting things ready for college this fall, I'll be going through "enrollment procedures" Saturday-Monday. 

I apologize for these absences, and there are more to come.  Oh the life of a soon-to-be college freshman! >.<

In other news, my aunt is taking me to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter sometime after the 4th of July as a High School Graduation present, so for about a week after the 4th I'll be in sunny Orlando and away from my computer...then again I might opt to take my laptop with me to play in the wee hours of night rather than sleep! Who knows, maybe I'll do that so I can keep up with the community.

Ah well, I have to go watch some HP movies with my aunt to catch her up before we go lol.

Have fun in the Spiral.

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

Friday, June 11, 2010


Hello wizards of the Spiral, and welcome to another fascinating installment of Through the Eyes of a Sorcerer.  It brings me great pleasure to share some fantastic news with you all!

I finally received my blue banshee from Lord Nightshade.  After a week long hiatus from farming that incredibly easy boss he finally dropped what I was after :D  Right after I got it I had to log out, but I can't wait until it hatches!  Now all I need for my banshee collection is the Red Banshee from Akuji...and the Boss Banshee from Dean Darkflame.  That one should be fun to farm for, and I'll be taking requests to join the "hunting" party as I have decided to christen it.

On that note of pet collection, it brings me great joy to inform you that I am now the proud owner of each and every type of my special birthday pet, the Leprechaun!  And here's a picture for you all to appreciate how much I love them :D  Note that they are on some DS ruins...this is symbolic of a bank that they worked at before the collapse of DS and now they are back where they belong!  I apologize for the poor picture, blame the fact that 4 pets at a time is hard to pose without keeping the decorate screen up!

And to wrap up for the night I would like to say thank you to everyone who has kept me farming and farmed with me.  I now own 64 pets, and the Lifeglen Pet Habitat is really beginning to thrive!  I see so many (64) special and unique pets there, so thank you for helping me to achieve it.

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More Maintenance, and my Post

Wizard101 Extended Maintenance
Wizard101 the game will be offline tonight
from 3:00am to 6:00am Central US Time.
Changes will not be made to your characters during this downtime.
During this time, players will be unable to log in to the game, and active players will be prompted to log out.

/\ Official word from KI /\                   \/ My thoughts on official word \/

Still, your items will likely not be returned because of the 4th line above.  Too bad for those of you who are missing mount :(  And now for my actual post.

I was beginning to get burnt out on farming, so I decided today to run around and just enjoy myself again.  I was running Tree of Life after Kagemoosha's Citrine Blade (the only balance sword I lack) and I got a lucky drop from Death Oni!  I got my little Leprechaun.  He should hatch sometime early tomorrow morning.  Now all I need is a myth leprechaun to complete my set of 4! :D My birthday is on St. Patrick's Day so the Leprechauns are kind of my special pet, I can't wait to complete the set.  The goal of the myth leprchaun really reignited my passion for pet farming.  Before I headed out though, I decided to try my hand at the arena now that there is a marvelous lack of Sniper Bolters.  Much to my dismay, I seemed to have lost what little skill I had before the Sniper Bolters were dealt with.  Oh well, I can work on it some. 

Nothing else really happened today, other than getting ALMOST to the secret life tower room only to fall short right above it.  I guess I have a challenge for later now.  And the Bloggers' Club is continuing to accumulate members, drop me a line to join if you haven't already :D.  ( /\LOOK UP/\)

I'm kinda tired so I guess I'll turn in soon.

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pets Pets Pets!

Since the release of the advanced pet system, everyone has been gripped with farming fever!  I'm sure most of you knew this already, and for those of you who didn't, which rock have you been calling home recently? 

My Pet List to Farm is really a help for me to keep track of what's what and who drops whom.  It has been a blessing, and a tool for many people to use.  Many users of this page will likely notice the removal of the Myth Treat, War Helephant, and Death Minotaur.  The reason behind this is simple, they have not been verified in the game since test went live.  If anyone has information pertaining to these pets as drops please let us know!  I'm only using information from Central to keep my list and so far those have been removed and marked as HYRBID ONLY more or less.

In other news, my farming has been slowing down and I'm taking time to train pets.  Health Gift is an amazing talent that I hope some of your pets manifest!  My Talented Piggle is giving me +1 health for ever 2-3 minigames I play, so lets hope this is the same for everyone :D

Last but not least, I am adding another poll to my blog.  Do you think the Fizzle rates have seemed to skyrocket since the APS (Advanced Pet System) went live?  Let me know what you think!  Oh, and coming soon will be a joint presentation of some thoughts for noobs (sorry, it's really a term of endearment-let's go with that-) and how KI can deal with the plague of noobs swarming our farming grounds in the Plaze of Conquests and beyond.  The other member of this feature presentation will be announced soon :D 

Have fun in the spiral guys, and check back often.  Don't forget to vote in the poll located that way -->

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

Monday, June 7, 2010

Wizard101 Scheduled Maintenance

Wizard101 the game will be offline tonight
from 3:00am to 4:00am Central US Time.
Changes will not be made to your characters during this downtime.
During this time, players will be unable to log in to the game, and active players will be prompted to log out.
This downtime may be extended without notice.

Interesting Stuff

So apparently people's crown gear has gone missing, luckily none of mine has -yet-.  Also, some pets have vanished as well :(.  Poor little pets, I hope they come back OK but I'm certain KI will resolve this swiftly and efficiently. 

Speaking of pets, I got my Mander yesterday!  Yes, the one from Kiwu, and he's a cute little green thing.  I so wish we could name them Salam Ibn'dur after daddy ^^.  Funny, funny stuff.  I continue to feel better today so I'm gradually reaching that 100% mark when I can start to play as faithfully as I used to. 

And finally, welcome Cassandra Hexthorn and Taryn Ravenheart to the blogging world!  They run A Life of Fire and Wizard101-The Business of a Divine Wezl respectively.  Be sure to check these two amazing blogs out as I'm sure you will come to love the humor and writing of these amazing wizards.

I need to turn in the for night.

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Well, sort of.  I'm still not feeling quite 100% but I'm slowly but surely getting better.  Today I update this blog with wonderful news!  2 of the "unknown" (??) pets from the Pet Farming List have had locations added to their names :D.  Thanks you to the community members who have made these amazing discoveries.  The Mander pet has been dropped now from Kiwu and the Inferno Mander drops from Ngozi the beguiler *-.-" *  EPIC FAIL for those of you who hate the Tomb of the Beguiler as much as me.

Sorry to cut this post short like the last one, but I've got some farming to do!

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

Friday, June 4, 2010

With Celestia Comes Apology

Hello wizards of the spiral.  I apologize for this being a less than wonderful post, but I've been a tad under the weather.  The only news for today is this: Check out the Countdown to Celestia page for more information, as well as the latest character reveal-a huge shark.  Friend or Foe?  Well, happy trails wizards, and goodnight :)

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bloggers' Club Party Review

SO the FIRST EVER Bloggers' Club event took place lastnight as a way to kinda pre-game for Ravenwood Radio!  It was kinda a flop to begin with but then we had some great people show up.  (Again...silly me forgetting the screenshots in all of the excitement >.<)  Anyway, I'd love to make this post my rambling list of friends who decided to drop by but I'm working on the whole "rambling" bit...and there I go again.

It didn't all go in the fashion of sunshine and daisies though, and to say it went without a hitch would just be lying to you.  Our wonderful host Edward was having some, err, connection problems caused by inclement weather and didn't make it on until later in the evening, and even then he ported to say hello and vanished mysteriously again.  Most of the Bloggers' Club members made it over, and we had a good time all in all.  Goodness, even a certain Thomas Lionblood and the beautiful and charming Bailey Skystaff made an appearance!

Ya, you heard me...the Friendlies even showed up.  Hmm...I think the Friendlies are from Percy Jackson and the Olympians...nvm, that's the Kindly Ones.  ANYWAY everyone started to pile on poor Thomas so I whispered to Bailey "port to me in a second" and then ran off to my spider pen.  I let Bailey port in when it was safe to do so and then Thomas made it into the new...uh...I think I called it a VIP Protection Box last night.  I should be considering renovations to add a box to all of my current houses and still maintain the overall themes, that would make future entertaining events more easily ready for the famous community members we need to protect. 

We all moved over to Kymma's (that's Kestrel's alt if you didn't know) house later, it was GREAT.  A rug High-dive to the pool and then a rug path to the roof of her house, it was amazing.  I found a great little bug where you can drop off of the roof, run a little ways, and end up on the ramp.  This was a Krokotopian mansion btw.  And then we headed off to Ravenwood Radio.  Excellent show last night.  Myth Study Hall was fantastic lastnight with Lisa Jonte from A Mythspent Youth.  That's an excellent blog to visit for games to play and interesting insight to our wonderful game.  The after party was fun too, Nightside certainly was hoppin'.  Quite a few heavy hitters were there.  Sometimes I feel sorry for them, seeing as they get dog piled everywhere they go :(  Oh well! Nothing I can do about it.  And now I'm logging in.

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Craziest Day EVER in Wizard101

Hello fellow wizards, this is John Lifeglen with an impressive story of magnificently magical confusion. It all began when Chris asked me to help him get the stone roses in the Crown of Fire and the Labyrinth...we still have yet to get the Labyrinth one as he had to leave upon finishing Malistaire. Then my old friend Emily Firehorn shows up in game after an extended absence. I unfortunately couldn't stay long, and when I returned she was gone. Then the actual "weirdness" began.

It all began when I finally decided to go farming for the infamous Crabling. I tried to port to Donna Spellthorn who mentioned she was farming there, but her ports were closed. I finally tried porting to Taryn Ravenheart, a close friend who does not blog but is very fun to be around. When I ported to Taryn I thought I clicked the wrong person as I landed in the 4th slot of the battle, as Taryn usually farms alone. Come to relize that I was in battle with Donna Spellthorn, Taryn, and Cody Shadowstrider.

As weird as it was to port to 1 friend and see 2 others that don't know the 1st, things can get weirder. As I stepped outside I ran into the one and only Mary Dreamshade. Donna left for a while and Isaac Mistheart dropped in which made for an interesting time. Pretty soon Taryn dropped out and Donna came back in. No one got the Crabling >.< I went back to farming with Taryn when she got back, and we both went to sell drops. I ran back to the Crazed Forest Spirit only to find Fallon Shadowblade on her alt, Autumn Drake. Autumn introduced herself to Chris and I and she went in to farm for another crab.

So things are all weird so far, it gets better. Taryn got a Crabling and did the *Cheer* emote and then I said "Crabgratulations" -yes Crabgratulations is my word, it has been trademarked, you cannot use it- and when I stepped outside I saw Cassandra Griffindreamer and then Donna whispered to me about Uber Wife being on! Well I ported and met the wonderful Bailey Skystaff for the first time and saw Cassandra Griffindreamer had ported to Donna as well and we had a short chat. Samantha Drake's alt, Iridian, was there, too.

Then I headed back to MooShu to try for the crabling again and when I approached it was none other than one half of the Comedy Theurgists team, Marissa Petal. Chris ran back up behind us then.

Then I started farming with Taryn yet again and who ports in but my old friend Keira Lionheart! She had told me a couple months ago she wouldn't be on for about a year...little did I know that means school year. It was a fantastic surprise. Keira snagged a Crabling on her 3rd or 4th go.

Emily showed up again later on too, and we farmed and farmed and farmed. I still didn't get that darn Crabling...but Keira ported in and got another. Then Marissa ported to me and we fought the darn spirit more. And at 9:38, my Crabling Rocco was brought into the world!

All in all, yesterday was a WEIRD day. I'm wondering who I'll run into next and if any other old friends will reappear.

Your [Creeped Out] Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Of Colossi and Clockworks

Good morning fellow wizards!  I figure I'll post this before I even get into the game today to save some time later on lol.  I'm going to talk about the Kensington run a bit and also the newest pet to my collection.  This title sorta gives it away...

Lastnight the Kensington run was a flop.  Aside from getting 9 snacks of varying level it was sort of a waste of time, but my amazing friend Maria Moonblossom and I still had a LOAD of fun :D  Right after defeating Ratchet I took the time to read what Gyro had to say and I busted up laughing at this, "Spiders, spiders everywhere! And all they do is clink!"  Sorry Maria, I like this shorter title better, but I still posted our quote!  We finally made it to Stoker only to be disappointed in that battle but we carried on hoping to get the Mechanical Spider drop from our 2nd go.  That failed to lol.  All throughout the lair I was calling out "GO PIKACHU!" and various other Pokemon, trying to remember what was good against what.  Maria and I tried throwing a Master Ball at the little spiders but they evaded...that's about when I decided we needed a GRANDMASTER BALL :D  Let me know what you think of that one lol!

After our failure there we filled up our potions and sold our loot, and then headed for Nidavellir.  There are so many pets running around that place it's not even funny.  We decided to, ahem, shortcut the Hall of Valor and only hit the 3 battles we needs.  First battle I snagged my Silver Colossus from the Runed Devestator!  That was a pretty cool thing, and it should have hatched by now.  Then we headed off to Lokar and then the Jotun battle.  Edward was with us for Lokar and Jotun, and he snagged the Life Bat from Grettir in the Jotun fight.  All in all, it was a pretty good night.  Now I just need to farm that Crabling that everyone is after.  Eh, maybe I'll take the time everyone else is away to go after my Ianthine Spectre instead.

Happy Farming and Happy Trails!

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen