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Friday, March 15, 2013

New Kids on the Block

Hey-o Spiralites. This blog's been a bit lonely lately. For that, I apologize. I've been busy with stuff. Game updates? Sure. We're in a bit of a patch of not much news in our fair Spiral, but that doesn't impact me much. I haven't finished up Azteca yet (but I'm working on it. I swear. Slowly but surely. Level 81's doing pretty good, right?).

I'm actually writing this (darn it Tom, beat me to the punch by less than 24 hours ;P ) to introduce my DC Universe Online (DCUO) characters.

It's probably no secret that when I play a game, I play all-out. I create an intricate backstory in my mind for my characters if I'm familiar with the universe they exist in.  If I know nothing about their universe, I slip into my character's shoes for a while until I learn the lay of the land, then try to come up with something.  If I'm STILL struggling then, I'll do some research.  A great feature of Star Trek Online (STO) was that you could write out your character's biography and display it in their information, which was viewable to anyone bothering to inspect you. As a Trekkie, that was awesome.

DCUO exists in the DC Universe. Duh.

But John, why are you telling us all of this? We're here for Wizard101 and Pirate101 news and information! Get on with it.

Easy there guys! Nobody's making you read this.  If you don't want to read a bit about some characters that I'd love to see appear in the pages of a comic, that's on you.  I think they're developed enough and fit within the confines of their Universe that they could easily be background characters in many DC adventures.  Keep on clicking and head to another corner of the internet if this isn't your cup of tea.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.  And get comfortable, there's a lot to cover.
It was an inexplicably ordinary afternoon when the ships came. Massive, terrifying claw-structures from the sky.  Luckily, we had been warned and knew they were coming.  Those of us who could and were meant to fight on the front lines in the coming war were ducking into phone booths and restrooms, police stations and night clubs.  This story will introduce a cast of 9 heroes and their delicate role in the operation to take down Brainiac.

I suppose I should introduce myself.  The name's Doctor Apocrypha, but the team just calls me Doc.

"Mainframe? Access records, Multiverse Defense League. Display all active members.  Exclude Deep Cover operatives for the time being. The time has come."

"Yes sir. Accessing....."

"File: Doctor Apocrypha. Status: Active. Role: Team leader; liaison to Deep Cover operatives. Justice League Contact: Batman. Relationship: Good. Powers: Sorcery, use of magic to maintain health levels of allies. Pre-crisis Occupation: Professor of Ancient Runology at Gotham University."

"File: Meteorite Matriarch. Status: Active. Role: Second-in-command. Justice League Contact: Wonder Woman. Relationship: Good. Powers: Earth, use of control over stone to protect allies. Pre-crisis Occupation: Archaeologist."

"File: Green Lantern Jovan. Status: Active. Role: Off-world ambassador. Justice League Contact: Superman. Relationship: Good. Powers: Willpower, summons hard light constructs to dispatch enemies. Pre-crisis Occupation: Office mail-man for S.T.A.R. Labs."

"File: The Techmaturge. Status: Active. Role: Personal Assistant to Doctor Apocrypha. Justice League Contact: Doctor Apocrypha. Powers:Gadgetry, use of technology to deal with foes. Pre-crisis Occupation: Millionaire."

"File: Shockstress. Status: Active. Role: Sidekick to Meteorite Matriarch. Justice League Contact: Meteorite Matriarch. Powers: Electricity, use of lightning to disable and stun opponents. Pre-crisis Occupation: Emergency Medical Technician."

"File: Glacial Gladius. Status: Active. Role: Earth contact for Green Lantern Jovan. Justice League Contact: Green Lantern Jovan. Powers: Ice, use of unbearable cold to disable opponents. Pre-crisis Occupation: Bodyguard."

"Thank you, Mainframe. Which operatives are currently in Gotham City?"

"Searching......searching.....Doctor Apocrypha and The Techmaturge are the only operatives currently in Gotham City."

"And how about Metropolis?"

"Searching......searching.....Meteorite Matriarch, Shockstress, and Glacial Gladius are currently in Metropolis."

"Green Lantern Jovan is currently on Oa, correct?"


"Contact him immediately. Inform him of the growing, ah, situation.  Load records of our deep cover units, the Multiverse Destruction Corps. What a silly cover name, you'd think their Injustice Society of America contacts would have figured them out."

"File: Chlorophillain. Status: Active. Role: Deep-Cover Team Leader. Injustice Society of America Contact: Circe. Powers: Nature, command of plants and shapeshifting. Pre-crisis Occupation: Assistant gardener at Arkham Asylum."

"File: Mentalist Mistress. Status: Active. Role: Deep-Cover Second-in-command. Injustice Society of America Contact: The Joker. Powers: Mental, mind control and telekinesis. Pre-crisis Occupation: Therapist/Counselor at Stryker's Island and Arkham Asylum."

"File: Embersworn. Status: Active. Role: Liaison to MDL. Injustice Society of America Contact: Lex Luthor. Powers: Fire, use of flame to annihilate the opposition. Pre-crisis Occupation: Firefighter."

"Thank you, Mainframe. List current locations. of Deep Cover ops."

"Searching.....Mentalist Mistress is in Gotham City. Embersworn and Chlorophillain are in Metropolis."

You all are probably wondering what's happening and why such networks of heroes are being established in addition to the traditional Justice League. It seems that Brainiac has returned and is aiming to take over and destroy the Earth. In a battle in an alternate reality, he succeeded while the Earth's super-powered protectors were fighting. Lex Luthor escaped and came to warn us in this timeline. He released Brainiac's "Exobytes" into the atmosphere, small mechanical structures that could hold the powers of an individual.  As people were exposed to these Exobytes, Brainiac appeared.

Brainiac began kidnapping anyone who was displaying signs of power before they could seek shelter with someone who could explain what was going on.  And then we escaped.  From captivity, we learned how to control our abilities and fought our way out.  Many of us continued working with the Justice League, and some of us have become full members within the League, still reporting to the founders; Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman.

It seemed that Brainiac's surveillance force remained but the actual attack was over for a time being. The carriers have re-appeared now though, so it looks like the time to fight is upon us.

"Mainframe, send out the alert. We are to meet on the fronts."