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Saturday, June 25, 2011

What's Up with the Professors?!

[Insert opening here]. Yeah, I'm out of ideas on openings. Working on that one right now. Working on a lot of different things from beta projects to guide-writing (which may or may not be connected!). The 2nd Annual Ravenwood Ball is coming up later this evening (I stay up waayyyy too late).  I'm playing Mytheon as an Eidolon with Maria as an Elementalist. Mytheon is a great game thus far, and the first hiccup came when facing Medusa. And the second hiccup was Medusa...and the third. Thankfully Friendly was able to provide some sound advice and the freaky snakey lady met her demise! We actually had a third along with us (another Eidolon a couple levels lower than us) so we'll need to test our level 9 grit against Medusa soon as a duet-act. Now it's off to the War Forge for Hephaestus. Err...or we'll run the Temple of Athena some more and get me that awesome Eidolon "Stone Reborn" stone for me to tinker with. Enough on Mytheon, though.

Other news, nobody responded with what the reference was to. As there is no winner, feel free to look at the below post and try.  And now on to what this post is really about.

The fantastic Maria Moonblossom and I were running the Waterworks (yet again!) tonight in search of her missing boots. She got them and I scored my 2nd set (cha-ching!). We were debating why in the name of Bartleby Headmaster Ambrose and the staff of Ravenwood Academy weren't dealing with the problems if it's so dangerous and all.  What did we come up with?

The  Waterworks were once a part of the sewer systems for Wizard City. Ok...the doors in the Waterworks (and the rest of Wizard City, really) are MUCH too small for any adult wizard to enter.  Poor Merle would be bent in half trying to get through any given door, especially the one in Gamma's tower.  He also can't remember any of our names (always calling us "young wizard") leading me to believe he's gotten too old to properly wield the great power he possesses. He is still a lovable headmaster, though.

Photo proof that the doors are too darn small for adults!

Professor Falmea couldn't possibly help in Crab Alley because, much like Hades from Disney's Hercules, her hair would go out.

Professor Greyrose is so tiny she'd be swept away with the currents. We're questioning her abilities with respect to age, as well.

Professor Balestrom has no good excuse not to go in, unless Sylster likes to munch on tasty frogs in top hats. He's a frog, he can swim!

Professor Wu has the same problem as Professor Ambrose with respect to the doors. She's also too lovable to do any real fighting, though her support of Balestrom would be appreciated.

Professor Drake doesn't ever do anything, as proven by us asking him to deal with his laundry. We also beat him before we ever learned our level 48 probably wouldn't be much use.

Dworgyn is excused from duty due to the trauma of sliding down a cliffside in a schoolhouse (I mean, err, "the accident")  Tenure for Dworgyn!

And then there's Alhazred. Dear sweet Alhazred. He is too old to even climb the ladder out of his hole on Krokosphinx Island.

That about sums up why the teachers can't possibly assist us.  With doors that small, it leads me to believe that students were plumbers in Wizard City before Crab Alley slipped into the depths.

Do you all agree with the above analysis? Disagree? Want to add more?  Well, comments are enabled if you want your voice to be heard!

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen