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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Time Management

Hello Wizards!  John Lifeglen here (at last) with some news.  Not good or bad, just news.  I am still trying to be active, but my class schedule is awful and doesnt allow me much play time.  It doesn't allow for much time for anything, really.  Even this post comes speedily written as I need to get back to reading Descartes Meditations.  It's old, and a bit dull...but I have to read it. 

On another note, don't expect any Test Realm spoilers from me, I haven't bought any crowns lately enough to play there, and I don't plan to get more until CL hits the live game.  Especially not on a college student's budget. 

I'm still playing active chairperson for the Bloggers' Club of course, and if any of you enterprising members want to get out and have a party, let me know so I can hook you up with the proper endorsements, etc.  I'll change the timer for you, write something up, maybe even put it on ConnectX for you.  Just e-mail me through the link above /\ LOOK UP /\ with your Wizard's name, proposed date/time, and theme, and then I'll take care of port bus locations.  We have hit a dry spot recently and we should really be working to do something as a community!

And with that, Descartes calls.  And math, and public speaking *drowns in piles of paperwork*.

Your [Floundering] Friend Always,
John Lifeglen