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Spiral Crown Costs

Hey guys! I just thought it would be nice to have somewhere to go to look at crown prices for Wizard101 and I made this handy dandy page!

Wizard101 is simply split up by physical world (Grizzleheim and Wintertusk are combined, yet separate). Underlines indicate items not yet implemented, but announced.  Aquila and Wysteria are not required for Story Advancement, while Grizzleheim and Wintertusk are required for spell-advancement (but not story).

Wizard City: 3,750
Krokotopia: 11,895
Wysteria: 3,000
Marleybone: 12,000
Mooshu: 10,800
Dragonspyre: 10,800
Grizzleheim + Wintertusk: 7,980 + 9,975 = 17,955
Celestia: 10,170
Zafaria: 10,170
Avalon: 10,170
Azteca: 11,970
Aquila: 9,735
Khrysalis: 11,970
Polaris: 9,975
Mirage: 11,970
Empyrea: 11,970
Tale of Four Dungeons: 8,980
TOTAL: 177,280
(The Tale of Four Dungeons exist in other worlds, but are not split up among their worlds' respective costs purely because of how the content was released.)

Pirate101 is broken down by the chapters listed on the website, and then again based on the world it actually takes place in to see a comparison of world content. Underlines indicate items not yet implemented, but announced.

Book 1 (A Pirate's Life for Me): 2,247
Book 2 (Tail of the Gold Monkey): 2,498
Book 3 (Monkey Business): 4,497
Book 4 (The Map): 2,998
Book 5 (Go West, Young Pirate): 3,998
Book 6 (The Mask of Toro): 3,998
Book 7 (The Duck of Death): 7,497
Book 8 (Desperately Seeking Sally): 7,497
Book 9 (The Magnificent Seventh): 4,998
Book 10 (Dead Man's Hand): 7,497
Book 11 (Samoorai Yak): 8,997
Book 12 (Crouching Pirate, Hidden Turtle): 11,996
Book 13 (The Dogs of War): 8,997
Book 14 (A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Cyclops): 11,996
TOTAL: 89,711

Skull Island: 13,741
Monquista: 4,497
Valencia: 1,499
Cool Ranch: 27,988
Mooshu: 20,993
Marleybone: 8,997
Aquila: 11,996
(Dragonspyre is not listed, as the Avernus Skyway is not a transaction on its own and is the only item in Dragonspyre at this time.  Please also note that Port Regal is included in Skull Island's total cost as opposed to Marleybone, because of technical placement on maps and connecting windlanes.)
TOTAL: 89,711

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