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Twitter Policy

  1. For the safety of all parties, I will only follow community members that behave or can prove that they are of legal age (18). If you are under the age of 18, please do not ask to be followed. I am not opposed to seeing tweets that you make; just mention me @JohnLifeglen. I use Tweetdeck and will see all mentions made at me. The only item that won't work is the DM. 
  2. If you constantly change your handle, picture, and name and I can no longer recognize you well enough to remember following you, you will be unfollowed and not refollowed. It's highly confusing to keep track of people constantly changing your identity. To be successful in the community, make friends, and fully enjoy yourself it is better to foster and grow one identity to make recognition easier. For more information about building a brand, check here.
  3. If you are trying to represent yourself as an employee of KingsIsle by using a picture, name, and handle of an NPC and are not employed by KingsIsle, you will not be followed. 
  4. Any unnecessary DMs (messages that could just as easily be said through a regular Twitter mention that doesn't pertain to a private matter) such as "Hello, how are you?" will result in being unfollowed. My DMs column is often full to bursting with organizing and planning between people and trying to sift the important messages from the pointless messages takes more time than I have. 
  5. If you tweet at me for a "#followback", chances are I won't follow you. Doing this is begging for attention in the eyes of many and does not make you look like you're of age for me to follow you [Item 1].
  6. Swearing (or retweeting swearing) will often result in an unfollow. As my Wizard101 feed is kid-friendly, I tend to only follow other kid-friendly tweeters. 
  7. I reserve the right to make exceptions to any of these rules for special cases. 

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