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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Aquila Announced!

Before I get to the meat of this, I want to give an update.  Max Pirate and Nautical levels on my Witchdoctor, Eccentric Austin Ornsley.  Level 89 and climbing in Wizard101. Good, now that's out of the way.

DISCLAIMER: The following post contains highly controversial topics related to Wizard101 and represents my opinions on these topics.  These are my opinions alone and I am not asking you to agree with them.

The Aquila patch notes seem very exciting, with something for everyone!  In addition to being able to lock items and rename our decks, we're getting 30+, 70+, and 90+ dungeons.  There is a new fight in the DragonSpyre library that reportedly yields many of the spells from Packs/Crafting (YAY!) along with a shiny new toy for Balance.

Many people have already called the Loremaster overpowered, because she does decent damage and applies double debuffs in 4 pips.

I really wish everyone would stop trying to argue that spells NEED to be tailored specifically to PvP.  Learn some new strategies, try a new deck composition. Balance is currently under fire for having the likes of Mana Burn and Supernova when other schools [cough, Ice] are getting immunity to certain schools, insane health, and still aren't sacrificing damage or accuracy to get these stats. Myth has Shatter and Earthquake, Storm has had Leviathan for a while now along with Enfeeble.  Life's got a Guardian Spirit on their side.  Everyone but Balance has a DoT now to deal with stacked shields, and while there isn't a Balance shield, dealing with towers without a DoT for the school with the fewest buffs is an incredibly tedious task.

Everyone needs to cool off and stop crying that Balance controls everyone's resources for now and wait to see how Loremaster impacts the LIVE game.  The Test Realm cannot provide solid feedback on balance due to the isolated sample it provides.

Continuing on the new updates, each class will receive a new minion that cannot be used in PvP. Personally, I'm super stoked for these, even though they require completion of part of Wintetusk as a prerequisite.

Everything's not perfectly peachy in update land, though.  Not by a longshot. Those nifty new dungeons I mentioned?  They reportedly cost almost 4000 Crowns a piece. That's a price befitting an entirely new world with 10+ zones (looking at Azteca and Avalon for comparison), not 3 measley dungeons. Really?  It makes me wonder if KingsIsle is attempting to make this content only worthwhile for members, leaving Crown players out in the cold and being expected to pay increasingly high prices to continue with optional content.

In addition to the above, the Lore of the Spiral is being torn to shreds.  There is a Lava Giant spell (recolored Frost Giant with Smokescreen instead of Stun). If I'm remembering correctly, the Frost Giants, Fire Dragons, and Tritons didn't get all.  I'm 100% OK with the mutations on most of the spells, but these "big three" that are responsible for the Spiral being scattered, disconnected hunks of floating land really shouldn't be turned around like they are currently.

So, that's the updates in a nutshell. Have a good one.


  1. 4000 crowns ana rea. I am a crowns player. It's so annoying! It is like they are trying to get rid of me lol.

  2. I feel the same way you do man. I've been a crown player from the beginning, and this just makes me feel very discouraged from continuing on.