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Monday, February 20, 2012

Give That Girl some Megas

Heather Raven, I commend thee.  The contest from the previous post is now closed. Heather wins the Megas!

Here's her answer:

It seems that 'NX' stands for Naval Experiment. River Song is of course the character from Doctor Who. 4022 were saved at the LIBRARY (hence the "L"), in the Who episode "Silence in the Library". So from that information we can gather that the significance of this picture is the fact that you are obsessed with Doctor Who and the character River Song in particular, even when you are playing a Star Trek game. :P

That answer is 100% correct. River has an interesting storyline. To be honest, I already had a ship named the Gallifreyan (I forget the number off hand, but the letter was D). Naming ships is tough...especially when you get a new one for free every 10 levels. I lack creativity apparently because I couldn't come up with more names! (Of note to those Who fans out there, someone had the USS Stormageddon. I laughed until my sides hurt. #winning.)

She's convinced I'm trying to get her into STO. Well, I'd like more people to try it and play it. It's not a huge deal though. I just wanted to get more people Who-savvy than anything. Hehe.

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Info Dump Ahead

Stardate 86134.58, Captain's Log Supplemental:

[Admiral Maxis]
Warning, warning, danger, danger. You are about to enter a land of random thoughts all strung together at once trying to get it all out in text before I forget the details. Also, the post is VERY long. It's not all text, though. The bottom half (...3/4) houses lots of pictures from my adventures in Star Trek!

I am now a Vice Admiral (level 50) in Star Trek Online. STO's level cap happens to be 50. I have also joined Tipa's fleet (the Federation News Service). We did some raiding tonight. It was fun. Tipa's guides to the normal level STF (Special Task Force) raid-y-esque things are SUPER useful. We thwarted Borg and helped save Defera and realized that we need to go save Defera more. A *lot* more. There's a great new Frequency Remodulator that we all really want because it shaves a second off of...ya know what, STO is F2P now. Go see for yourself why shaving a second off is wonderful (and just what the heck I'm talking about).

I've also unpacked my Odyssey Class Cruiser. I'm not using it...yet...but will soon. I'm still in the Deep Space Science Vessel for now. It's awesome.

All of my Bridge Officers (BOs) are dressed for the current Feature Episode Series called "The 2800". For Trekkies in the room, yes, the Dominion are back. Funky stuff happened with the Wormhole. There's lots of fighting. Bajor is the current outpost. Good stuff. My toon (and his entire BO compliment of 12) is dressed up for the occasion in Deep Space 9-esque attire. It's awesome.

I have written a parody for Headaches from the Holidays. We're joking about a "Top 40 Redux" Parody album of sorts *just* for our PvP matches. It's called "Click Quick" and matches the tune of "Tik Tok". The 2nd parody for the album is in production and will be known as "Long Match" set to "Bad Romance".
Also with the Headaches we played another ranked match. My Warlord rank got us pitted against a 4 Warlord team. We hung in for 4 hours (v.v) but in the end got nuked. Good news: I'm just a Commander now. No more Warlord. Maybe that will mean smoother sailing for us.
Picture Dump! (First the Parody, then the STO Picture dump)

Clicky make biggy.

This is me. Vice Admiral Jovan Barim Maxis of Betazed.
The top picture is me in my actual Admiral's coat.
The side by side pictures are of me in my day to day
uniform and the uniform I'm using for the duration of
the featured episodes involving DS9 and the Dominion.
All of the other headshots will be arranged
Normal to the Left, DS9 to the Right.
Thryiss-My 2nd in Command.
Race: Andorian.
Home planet: Andoria.
Giz'pym-Chief of Operations.
Race: Andorian.
Home planet: Andoria.
Neeba-Chief Medical Officer.
Race: Trill.
Home planet: Trill. 
Seven of Seven-Chief of Engineering.
Race: Liberated Borg (Human pre-infection)
Home planet: Earth.
Kurnin-Chief of Security.
Race: Klingon.
Home planet: Qo'noS.
Hadik-Chief Science Officer.
Race: Vulcan.
Home planet: Vulcan.
Rodva-Chief Tactical Officer.
Race: Tellarite.
Home planet: Miracht.
Race: Rigelian.
Home planet: Rigel V.
Race: Caitian.
Home planet: Cait. 
Race: Human.
Home planet: Earth.
Race: Bajoran.
Home planet: Bajor.
Race: Aenar (Andorian off-shoot. Cave dwelling, blind).
Home planet: Andoria.
Fun fact. Andoria is the closest habitable planet to Earth in the Star Trek Universe. Vulcan is incredibly close to us, too. They're just on the other side of Andoria.

More pictures! My ship interior. It's HUGEEE! And a picture of the Admiral's Jacket thing full-size.

And, if you read allllllll the way through all of that, there's a contest here. You have until Friday, February 24th 2012 at Midnight CST to come up with the signifigance of the following picture. It's a shot of my ship. You need to tell me who and what the name is in reference to, what "NX" stands for in a Starfleet Ship's name, and what the 4 numbers following the "9" (because 9 must be on all of the ships, I couldn't adjust it) mean. Also, explain what the letter following the number represents.  All parts must be correct in order to receive the prize. If you make a mistake with your first entry, feel free to comment again. No comments will be published until a winner has been declared or the time limit is up.

Clicky make biggy!
Hints: The letter references a place. The numbers represent something associated with that place. The ship's name is the biggest clue, and therefore I can't tell you anything about it!

The winner (if there is one) will receive a Mega Snack Pack, courtesy of me. (If you are here due to my character's "Comments" section and you win, I'll come up with a nifty gift for you in STO. Possibly a nice BO candidate.  If I know you in both, it's totally your choice where you get the goodies.) If nobody gets it, well, my pets don't mind megas one little bit! Comment on this post with the answer rather than sending in e-mails. Time-stamping entries is easiest that way.

End Captain's Log Supplemental:

Your Friend Always,
John Lifeglen