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Friday, May 21, 2010

First (REAL) Post-Furniture of the Spiral

Ah, conspiracy theories.  Many have flown around at the mention of "Celestia" and since the confirmation of its pending release, theories become even wilder.  My favorite is over on Wizard101 Central in a thread called Grizzleheim's Nidavellir-Gateway to Celestia?  I'm a contributor there, and with my good friend Cassandra Hexthorn we translated the runes all over Grizzleheim...well she translated and I "tried"-lets go with that...

What does this have to do with Furniture though, John?  That's the question many of you are probably asking yourselves.  Here it plain English.  Today's furniture item is none other than the Runestone Spiral furniture item.  It drops in Winterdeep Warren in Nidavellir.  The runes on the side read "Magical Rune Stone"  And here are the pictures in all of their magnificent glory.

It's a really great piece of furniture, I use mine as a gate leading up to my memorial terrace.  Eh, we'll give a shot of the terrace too!  Here we go.

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