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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Promotional Pet Hybrids

The following is what I just posted over on Wizard101 Central.

"Professor Greyrose resolved a previous, ahem, discussion about the ability of promotional pets and their ability to be hatched by people who did not earn them. People valiantly picked a side and all but violently defended that side. In the end, promo pets lost the ability to be created via hatching. At least, their physical appearance was never allowed to be manifested in that way ever again. Ok, you guys earned them, I can understand and respect that. Now though, it appears as though only through hatching 2 of the same promotional pet (eg. 2 pioneer dragons, 2 shardtail dragons, 2 FOG Unicorns, 2 danger hounds, etc, etc...) can a special hybrid be created, not just by using one promotional and another pet who may not be so special. Wasn't the point to let your friends have some special pets, too?

My point being this. By only letting 2 promotional pets make a hybrid pet, that is basically saying congratulations on getting this pet, here have another that only you can get. It isn't exactly fair to limit these awesome hybrids such as the Frontier Dragon, Fragmented Dragon, Grove Unicorn, and Ghost Hound to only the people that already have one of their parents. We need to allow hatching between promotional pets and normal pets to still create these amazing hybrids to level the playing field and let younger players still experience these pets.

Forgive me if this sounds like a rant, it was never meant to be one, but I needed to get the word out and this was the best way I could think of."

Now I turn to the blogging community to give me an opinion on this.  This is being looked at now through the (blindfolded...) eyes of a Sorcerer.  What do you see through the eyes of other schools?  Should this be kept the same?  Or should we find a reasonable solution to allow anyone a shot at these amazing pets?  Use the link to central to make your voices heard there, too! Don't forget to vote in the poll here though!
Your slightly irate friend always,
John Lifeglen

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