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Sunday, May 23, 2010


My last post that, how do I word this delicately...less than astounded *sure we'll go with that* about how the promo pets were breeding.  Things are looking up, however.  An unknown wizard asked me to hatch with her Jade Oni pet yesterday and I used my Danger Hound, Sir Winston, in a small experiment.  What I was astounded to see was that I got a death egg (necromatic) which resulted in my Ghost Hound.

Better news still-I asked my unknown hatching mate what kind of egg she got and she reported necromatic, very happily I might add.  It appears as though KingIsle listened to my "complaint" or at the very least I was wrong.  If the latter is the case, I apologize profusely KI.  I didn't mean to step on any toes.

So what have I learned?  I learned that the appearance of the pet with a lower pedigree is likely the one to manifest...I think.  Well, if was a promo pet so it's special hybrid offspring is what resulted.  This leads me to believe that anyone can get any hybrid so long as they have a friend with a copy of the parent (eg. Pioneer Dragon for Frontier Dragon, Shardtail Dragon for Fragmented Dragon, FOG Unicorn for Grove Unicorn, etc.) and that "anyone" as formerly stated has a pet with a higher pedigree than the promo pet.

Example time!!! I love this part of the program where everything finally starts to make sense.  I'll use a friend of mine in an example.  Angela Dragonflame wants a Ghost Hound, but lacks a Danger Hound.  I'll use Sir Winston (pedigree of 35) with her Jade Oni (pedigree of 53).  The appearance Sir Winston is likely the one to manifest, but because he is *special* he cannot have kids that look like him.  Ghost Hound results for both parties.  YAY!

Example 2.  I want a Frontier Dragon but lack a Pioneer.  My friend Rylee has a Pioneer (Pedigree of 58...)  If Rylee uses her Pioneer with my Crimson Spectre from Pet Derby rewards (Pedigree of 60...maybe...test is full and I can't check atm :( ), the Frontier Dragon is the appearance likely to manifest strictly because it's pedigree is lower. 

This is only a hypothesis at the time being, but I would appreciate feedback all the same! 

Your (Very) Excited Friend Always,
John Lifeglen

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