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Monday, May 24, 2010

Experiments in Test = FAIL :(

I was able to test the theory from my last post early this morning when test was functioning again.  The results are in's not what I expected.  I'd love some feedback from other experimentors as to whether or not this is a common thing.  Here's what happened:

I bred my Spotted Piggle with Dragonblade and pedigree of 58 with Cody's Ice Colossus of pedigree of 54.  After waiting for the 5 minute hatch time to be up, both of us received the gift card pet.  No Ice Colossus for me :(.  Oh well, maybe I just got "lucky" by receiving the higher pedigree pet with a *cough* lower pedigree than before...only 57 on the child.  This was expected as I bred with a lower pedigree, and it only fell by one.  Oh well, now we know that my theory fails. 

Please continue to test it though, it did work with the Danger Hound combo with a Jade Helephant.  Let's get some comments on this with your results please!

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