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Thursday, May 20, 2010


So in honor of this blog, I've decided to host a little party and get to know people in the community.  I'm really hoping this turns out well so I'm not terribly bored.  Lol.  I think it's high time I make my mark on the Wizard101 community as a social butterfly.  I'm going to be hosting some small get togethers where I answer questions, accept ideas for this blog, and generally rekindle the spark in my heart for this amazing game.  It's been getting a bit bland lately (thank goodness updates are pending!!!) so this is my way of staying attached.  Drop me a line sometime soon. 

Lol there I go rambling...if nothing else that will be what my reputation is for.  Oh, and speaking of blog ideas, I have a few good ones and I need more :).

Before I forget lol.  That party I mentioned will be held tomorrow from around noon central time  Probably a good 2-3 hours all connection problems aside.  We'll (I'll) be in Ravenwood on Unicorn Area One, and I'll be on my Bengal Tiger dressed like I am in the header up there /\.  If I get a lot of people we might just adjourn to my house!  Just mention something to me to get the party started!  If I don't have any hits I'll probably just end the party after 30ish minutes.

Your friend always,
John Lifeglen

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