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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pirate101 Updates

Hey-o Spirates. Eccentric Austin Ornsley here with some riveting news. I've finally made it out of Cool Ranch (for now...) and am adventuring in Port Regal. I've earned every sidequest completion badge along the way (except Chapter 3...which seems to be bugged or there's a quest hiding VERY well).  I just bought a new ship, the Dauntless Spectre (a level 26 Ship for pirates level 24+ of Royal Navy origin).

In other news, my crew just won't stop growing and I love it. Companions are awesome, and while many people would love to trim their crew down to around 5-6 companions to play with I find myself wanting more and more variety. It adds more depth to the gameplay. This was taken a while ago, but it pictures Moresco de Valvida and I outside of the Phule fight. I had just won Phule's mask and Moresco was my newest crew member (and is still my Firstmate). Isn't he precious?

If you all aren't playing Pirate101 you really should be. Hopefully I'll see ya in the Spiral!

Your in Piracy,
Eccentric Austin Ornsley

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