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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sky Commander!

Yep, you all read that right! I, Eccentric Austin Ornsley, have achieved the level of 50 (Sky Commander) in Pirate101 and cleared out my quest book. I need to go make final sweeps of some areas to see if quests have opened up, because I'm still missing Chapters 8, 9, 11 and 12 Sidequest Completion badges (and 3, but that one has been confirmed to be bugged).  I'm also Nautical level 48 and am flying The Wakeful Spectre, my Royal Navy Galleon. Now my goal is to train my first page of companions all to level 50. That's going to take some time. Who wants a few pictures? Yes? Ok. I promise, I won't show any high-leveled story-relevant companions (in this post) to avoid spoiling too much. I make no promises about side quest companions or showing off promoted forms of story-relevant companions, though!

My current First Mate.  She's a level 52 Seashbuckler Ninja Cat named Shiriku Neko. 

Kan Po, the Witchdoctor Starter Companion in my colors at Tier 2. Promoted at level 46 to this form. He's AMAZING. I recommend giving him Flanking!!

Dead Mike, my Presidio Companion. He's a Buccaneer.  Poor guy keeps falling apart more the higher I promote him. 

Mormo, my Kraken Skulls Bar Brawl Companion. His mask keeps getting more elaborate as he promotes higher. I see players using his staff and have heard it's from Chumba Wumba. I may have to farm some if/when stitching comes around.

The lovable Bonnie Anne, reading to kick troggy tail and take names. She's a Fox Sniper after the second promotion and is often referred to as a Machine Gun Companion. 

Old Scratch. Do I really need to say any more? Oh, yeah, I do. Make sure to grab Improved Mojo Blast 2 to turn his damage from an X to a 3x3 square. (That goes for Mormo, too). 

Ratbeard! He's also Tier 2 (second promotion). I liked his Tier 1 hat better...

Time to plug some bundles! Handsome Dan is the adorable little Bulldog Privateer from the Admiral's Bundle. He's incredible (and is pictured at Tier 2).

Laughin' Mack Sharkley is a taste of what you get from the Cutthroat Bundle (though I think his name is randomly generated at redemption). This is his Tier 2 look. 

Kung Yao, Privateer Oni Destroyer. He's from a side quest in MooShu. Name is random, I think. 

Smart Bart Lester, Swashbuckler Cat Pirate from the Boochbeard Bundle at Tier 1. 

So Po, my Swashbuckler Pig from the Mailer promotion. Watch this space -- I'll have a brief contest for ONE Ninja Pig soon, hopefully. *UPDATE* One Amber Firesword has won the pig! Congratulations, Amber!

My ship, the Wakeful Spectre, moored at my Castaway Cove. 

Feel free to ask me any and all questions about the Witchdoctor class and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Also look out for the Witchdoctor Edition of "From the Crow's Nest" over at Pieces of Eight Radio next Wednesday, 11/14/2012, at 8:45 CST. I'm being interviewed.

Yours in Piracy,
Eccentric Austin Ornsley

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